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food sensitivities and food poisoning-like symptoms

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by jbasscase, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. jbasscase

    jbasscase New Member

    I'm still trying to figure out if my symptoms are TMS. I've been on severely restrictive diets for the past 15 years since my symptoms started- my worst symptoms are headache/nausea episodes that I can best describe as "food poisoning without the vomiting". It feels like I'm toxic and my body is just trying to get everything out... it's just like stomach flu or food poisoning but with out vomiting- I get dry mouth, waves of nausea, lose my appetite, etc... These episodes last anywhere from 12-48 hours generally. I have a lot of other symptoms such as chronic headaches, neck/shoulder/joint pain, etc... but the "food poisoning" episodes are the most debilitating. I've never gotten a definitive diagnosis from any sort of western or alternative health care provider (I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on all sorts of tests and treatments), but it's been suggested to me by many to try the different restrictive diets I've been on for so long. So at different times, I believed myself to be intolerant to gluten, dairy, sugars (even fruit), nuts, soy, histamine, oxalates, salicylates, fodmaps, nightshades, etc.... you get the picture. To the point where I just didn't know what to eat anymore. I was on an extremely strict fresh meat and non-nightshade veggie diet for the past two years- thinking that that should finally resolve all my symptoms. It did resolve joint pain, acne, bloating, and certain other symptoms, but the "food poisoning" and chronic headaches were still a huge issue. So recently I've been exploring how all this restrictive dieting and TMS are connected, and the fact that I've practically been brainwashed into being afraid of food. I've added a lot of food back into my diet in the past month- I still eat very healthy & organic, but have tried adding back in some grains, dairy, fruit, nuts. Joint paint and acne are back with a vengeance, which was interestingly so obvious because I hadn't had those symptoms for so long. But... I haven't had a food poisoning episode for over two weeks which is a record- until yesterday- it's been a bad episode, too. I've been journaling, reading, and watching testimonial videos- so I feel like I'm working as hard as I can on my TMS. I'm just not 100% convinced about the food sensitivities yet- can anyone here offer some guidance/advice on this? I really want to believe that I have just brainwashed myself into believing I had all those food sensitivities, but I'm confused as to why I would get all these symptoms back that I hadn't had since the last time I'd eaten those foods. And also- these food poisoning-like episodes- do other people get symptoms like those?
  2. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle


    In my early 20's I spent 7 years on an insanely strict anti-candida diet so I empathise greatly with the untold misery such regimes inflict. The most tragic thing was that the diet didn't even work but I was helpless and desperate. I combined the diet with colonic irrigation and a bevy of foul herbal concoctions that wrung me out completely. These days I eat what I like with abandon and only suffer the occasional digestive woe when my emotions are fraught. Our enteric nervous system is intimately connected to our emotional self and is very vulnerable to our feeling states and well-being.

    There are various threads on the forum that variously address such issues but I shall post two from recent times that may help in your considerations. Read through them and share your thoughts as there are others on the forum who are actively dealing with food and digestive issues and you may be able to help and support each other to a better place.

    My personal experience leads me to believe that the nutrition of our food and the state of our soil are desperately depleted and compromised by toxins and this is something we have to be aware of however this ought not be conflated with TMS and the effect of emotions upon our nervous system. I do think a lot of food sensitivities are TMS and I have seen many people overcome conditioned fears and eat with the same relish I now enjoy.

    I wish you the very best in teasing out where each element rests for you.

    http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/effect-of-food-on-physical-issues-placebo.12170/ (Effect of food on physical issues - placebo?)

    http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/ibs-gastritis-sibo-and-other-digestive-issues.17966/#post-95249 (IBS, Gastritis, Sibo and other digestive issues)
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