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Dr. Hanscom's Blog Florentine Mosaic

Discussion in 'Mindbody Blogs (was Practitioner's Corner)' started by Back In Control Blog, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Back In Control Blog

    Back In Control Blog Well known member

    Mosaico Fiorentino

    Fragments like colored glass

    Segmented memories

    Names of streets
    Distant ricordi

    In a flash
    my thoughts translate into Florentine tongue

    Connecting chards of glass
    like dots on a page
    my memory comes into focus

    An old mosaic completes itself

    As I stay with the names
    new memories insist on arriving

    Your dome peeks through your ancient strade

    Like the chords of Bob Dylan played as a fourteen year old
    comes from distant vie in my brain
    Dots connect
    and Don’t Think Twice surfaces

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