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first things first

Discussion in 'Alan Gordon TMS Recovery Program' started by brooklyn1, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. brooklyn1

    brooklyn1 New Member

    I am new to this wiki. I have read and re-read Sarnos book. I recently began implementing the program. That being said, it occurred to me there is one thing that is impeding my recovery. I have had mid-back pain for 2 years. I had a back X-Ray when it first appeared in June of 2011. There was no abnormality. Despite this X Ray I have not been totally convinced that the back pain in benign. It is my feeling that I should see my internist to have a diagnosis that there is no organic reason for the pain. It is my doubt and fear of an underlying and undiagnosed medical problem that is getting in my way. As the book suggests one needs to see their doctor to rule out any medical issue. Looking forward to moving on with the program!! but....First things first.
  2. Calum

    Calum Well known member

    Hi Brooklyn, I would recommend seeing a TMS trained physiotherapist. When I saw one it really helped me to accept that my pain is phycological and it is being cause by negative emotions in my unconcious. The success stories forum is also a good way to get over your doubts or re-get over them when they rear up again. Hope that helps :)
  3. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey Brooklyn,

    Going through the Alan Gordon program will help you increase your believe that your symptoms are benign. One thing it suggest to do is to create an evidence sheet for all the reasons you have TMS. Whenever you feel a lot of doubt, pull out this sheet and remind yourself of all the reasons you have TMS. Doing this can really help reduce your doubt, and keep you on track.
  4. G.R.

    G.R. Well known member

    Hi, Brooklyn,
    I agree with Forest. The evidence sheet makes you realize that the symptoms sometimes do not have any rhyme or reason. Yesterday, I put on my
    evidence sheet that I was able to exercise at the gym for about 30 minutes. I use to exercise for about an hour and a half. So you can imagine
    I left the gym with a great big smile on my face. When I first got on the sit down elliptical machine I started to get some pain. I spoke to myself
    and I felt much better.

    I putting this on my evidence sheet to remember I can exercise without pain and all the pain is, is TMS. I really have so benefitted from
    Alan Gordon's recovery program. I very thankful for it.

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