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Fear of Walking

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Forest, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. NWWU

    NWWU New Member

    I am inspired by this reading and posts. I danced DANCED last night with my husband and my sciatic pain. It was not painful at all. It was there, but not there. I am working hard with TMS Structured Ed Program and I know that TMS is what I have. I know this. I am still working through accepting it 100% but I know it in my head. I am so, so thankful for this program and support. I am finding that things are falling into place is such a peaceful way as I work through this program, and I have really been hyper aware of my FEELINGS which I have been expressing on the spot, rather than bottleing (sp?) them up and stewing in them. I can just say out loud "this is how what you did/said makes me feel" and move on with no hurt, regret, anger. I thank this program and the support network for this GIFT.
  2. Rainbowdash

    Rainbowdash Peer Supporter

    I was going through a very stressful time this time last year and I processed it by walking. Beginning of this year, I started having foot pain and I reduced walking completely. Now, if I walk my feet hurt quite a lot. Today, I took my daughter and walked for a long time, shopping. My bursitis of right foot, which was cured with SEP program came back with a vengence on both feet, but for the first time in my life, my knees are burning too and my whole legs are hurting. This is so good. I'm so happy everything is hurting, which means it is TMS and not a small inflammation in my foot (which may or may not be cured, according to a specialist). I'll continue walking until the pain disappears. It's either me or the pain now. Bring it on!!!
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  3. GShaw

    GShaw Peer Supporter


    I realize it has been a couple of years since anyone has added to this post but I thought I would share my story.

    I am able to also relate completely to back pain and sciatica related pain. I have suffered with chronic related back pain for probably 15 plus years. The first few years the pain rarely interfered with my daily life. During those years I had a health plan and would see a chiropractor when needed. Starting in about 2010 my shin pain started to bother me more depending on the activity.

    This was also the year of my first of many events to occur in my life. In 2010 my father passed away from cancer. Then in 2013 I was 'let go' of my job of almost 20 years and at the same time asked to move from where I was living. While my pain started to increase I was still able to live a very respectable quality of life. Then, in April 2016 things changed completely, my mother passed away also of cancer. My shin pain got so severe that I needed a cane or office chair to get around my apartment. This created a real challenge for me to get out and see my mother before she passed away.

    The next 3 years were hit and miss for me! My life was now being controlled by my pain. While I needed employment I was concerned I wouldn't be able to handle a job due to my shin pain. I began my search online for options to help deal with my pain. While I found a few options which offered me some relieve, in the majority of cases I still found myself in pain within a few minutes of walking.

    My life changed for the better in October 2018 when I began to read about Dr. Sarno which lead me to Alan Gordon's New Recovery Program. I feel so blessed to have found this program. I am also very grateful to Alan for putting together this program. The fact it is free makes me feel like Alan really does care about helping people!

    Thank you Alan Gordon for everything you're doing to help people with Chronic Pain!

    In October 2018 I began Alan Gordon's program and today I am able to walk for hours at a time with little to no pain. The other wonderful thing about this program, it has helped me deal with other aspects of my life. In most cases I now have the necessary tools to help me deal with future chronic pain.

    I am doing anything I can to help promote TMS and would love to one day practice TMS here in Canada because I don't know if this is popular in Canada.

    Another part of my life journey moving forward is creating an online business offer people a variety of solutions in dealing with life challenges. If anyone would like to contact me then please do not hesitate.

    Thank you,

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