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Eyeglass Prescription Problems

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by pgbeagle, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. pgbeagle

    pgbeagle New Member


    I read Dr. Sarno's book years ago, and it changed my life tremendously. I have read three of his books. I have worked through a number of physical issues and manage quite well; however, I find as I am getting older I am having more and more difficulty adjusting to new eyeglass prescriptions. I have bifocals, and was managing okay with the last pair, but this past summer my prescription was changed. I have tried two prescription strengths with one doctor and have just tried another one with a different doctor. I am getting severe headaches. I can see with my new glasses, but after having worn them for awhile, I end up in excruciating pain and my eye muscles and neck and shoulder muscles are tight. Does anyone else have these problems? Will this go away? Should I try to build up to the new prescription by gradually increasing the time? Could this be a tms issue?

    I teach piano, and also do close work at a computer. I use computer glasses when I am practicing or teaching.

  2. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member

    Off the cuff, yeah, sounds like a TMS issue. Headaches, eye soreness etc. are certainly TMS symptoms and I've had both. All it takes is some sort of catalyst to be used as an excuse to start a new symptom, and something like a prescription change can certainly do that. I know that optometrists in the past have told me to expect headaches when switching prescriptions and this does make sense. And as TMSers we have a tendency to focus on any new pain symptom so that it does become chronic fairly quickly. My guess is this is what's happening with you. Find out what works for you. Do you still have your old glasses? Maybe go back to them and see if the headaches go away.

    I play piano too. :)
  3. pgbeagle

    pgbeagle New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Although I can wear my old glasses, they are falling apart and I can't see that well with them. But it is encouraging to know that the symptoms could be tms. I'll keep plugging my way through and trying to get adjusted to them. Perhaps things will settle down in a week or so. Cool that you play the piano.
  4. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    Is there something in your life you don't want to see?

    I do believe eye issues are a mind/body issue. Since I have really been aware of this, done a lot of journaling, and adjusted a lot of my thinking and beliefs, my prescriptions have decreased. My eye doc doesn't quiet know what to say to me when she sees this every other year. I happily find it amusing!

    Also, my guy finds that he needs NO glasses when we're on vacation! only when back to "real life". pretty amazing.

    check out the book "Take off your glasses and see". Very interesting.
  5. pgbeagle

    pgbeagle New Member

    Thanks, Lori. I downloaded it and will give it a read. Of course, if I took my eyeglasses off now, I'd bump into the wall! ;) It does explain why every time I get a new prescription I end up asking them to dial it down. I like my glasses a little on the weak side; I'm usually able to process things better.

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