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Eye issues=TMS? **please help

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Snickers278, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Snickers278

    Snickers278 New Member

    Hey! So I've had TMS in the past. I had supposed "tendinitis" in my arms for two months. After reading Sarno's book, it went away and the pain was gone. I also have psoriasis on my scalp which only acts up when I'm stressed. I have yet to completely fix that, but I'm working on it. I'm 19 years old. I just started college and as my first term progressed, I got a variety of issues which I figure were TMS. I got neck pain, wrist pain (again!), I got sick more than usual, I got supposed "allergies" that made me sneeze like crazy and my nose run. I figured the allergies were TMS, so I stopped taking Claritin and they disappeared. BUT additionally, I got a problem with my eyes. The doctor told me it's "blepharitis." It's a condition that MIDDLE AGED people typically get. It involves eye crusting, swollen, red eyes, eyelashes falling out, and bloodshot eyes. It's not very serious. A lot of people have it and it's supposedly not curable. A lot of people on blepharitis forums say that they've suffered from it for like 20 years and stuff and tried putting all sorts of stuff on their eyes - honey, coconut oil, etc., and nothing worked. SO. It sounds similar to TMS because people say the same thing about "tendinitis" and "carpal tunnel." They're "incurable." Also, I've read that blepharitis is connected to stress. People on forums often say it began with a stressful situation or something. Every morning, I wake up with more discharge than usual in my eyes and crusting by my eyelashes. My eyelashes also fall out more than normal. However, I don't have any redness of my eyelids or swollen eyelids like most people with blepharitis have. I've also observed that when I'm in a stressful situation, my eyes will start feeling dry or will start itching, but once I'm out of the situation, it goes away. My mom and dad don't have blepharitis, so it isn't inherited. Overall, I think it's TMS but I'm afraid to stop the warm compresses on my eyes that my doctor recommended. Idk, it's really just annoying because I want my eyelashes to fall out and if it's TMS, it'll stop as soon as I convince myself it's not real. So my question is, should I stop the stupid warm compresses and tell myself it's not real and TMS, or keep up with the treatment (which hasn't been helping - I might add)

    I'd also like to add that my doctor seemed confused by my symptoms. The second time I visited him, only two weeks after I first visited him, he said "well... It looks like you're 80% better." I don't know. The whole thing just seems fishy and TMS-like. My intuition says it's TMS, but I just wanted to clarify.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2015
  2. FredAmir

    FredAmir Well known member


    I had a case of blephritis last year. It took 3 doctors to figure out what it was. I had never had any such eye problems and could not figure out the cause.

    Intially I thought it was a sty and used colloidal silver, which works really well in such cases (see my post on colloidal silver at http://www.rapidrecovery.net/secrets.html)

    Silver did not clear it up so I realized it was not an infection. Washing my eye with baby shampoo solution as the opthamologist recommended made it more irritated. Warm compresses felt good but that's all it did.

    So I tried to figure out what had changed in my life for the weeks prior to my symptoms. The only major change was green juicing in the morning. I juiced lots of celery with tomatoes and cucumbers. So I looked up swallow eye lid and celery online and discovered that you can have an allergic reaction to the protein in celery!

    I stopped the juicing on my eye was cured.

    Although it is possible that your blephritis might be due to tension, look into what else has changed in your diet or environment since you started college.

    Take care,
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  3. Amina.84

    Amina.84 Peer Supporter

    Hi.Can I ask you if you are healed now please? Because I have the same problem and I have seen dozen ophtalmologists. Thanks you, home for having an answer

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