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Extremely tired

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Mark1122, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Mark1122

    Mark1122 Well known member

    I have been behind the pc for a week now again like 10 hours a day sometimes feeling almost no pain. When i do i am like it doesnt matter it is your mind, nothing is wrong with your body. A doctor, chiro and physio have checked me out and tell me they cant find something wrong. (its my trapezius, arms and hands (RSI).

    But i am starting to get more tired every day and the pain is bad sometimes and sometimes less bad. But im getting so exhausted. Is this also TMS? one day i even slept 11 hours and was still completely exhausted and its getting worse and worse. I am starting to get doubts now.. I havent been able to manage to be behind a pc this long for over 5 years. But this exhaustion is scaring me?

    And now that i am worried more about the exhaustion the arm starts to hurt more and feels like it cramps up and that im missing strength in it now.. Also feeling pressure on chest and full stomach, anxiety symptoms. Is this all normal? I notice im getting worried
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    I see you're a "newcomer" here, so can you tell us what you've been doing about your TMS? We have two free programs available.
  3. Mark1122

    Mark1122 Well known member

    Hi yes sure. I have been going to a psychologist that helps me with anxiety. Once i get anxious i start to get chest pressure and am scared to get a heart attack. I am solving this with him slowly. Furthermore ive read the mind body perscription and healing backpain. I am doing some mindfulnes. And i am reading the program from the homepage. The pain program. I am at day 16 i read 2 a day.

    I have had trapezius, and arm pain for 6 years now. It started with depression and anxiety (panic attacks, i thought i was dieing everyday of a heart attack). I went gaming for 16 hours a day to get away from the panic. I started developing trapezius pain and arm pain which got worse then i read about RSI and how it can cause permanent nerve damage i got scared obviousely since i had alot of arm and trapezius pain. I went on gaming and it got worse and worse. I was behind the pc in a tight anxious position with tensed muscles cause of the anxiety. So i figured it would be logical i developed RSI. Then i also got alcohol addicted and sleeping pills addicted while i struggled with the pain. I feared my life was over how could i do anything with the pain. Meanwhile the doctor and physios and bunch of others said i cant find anything wrong with your body. (they didnt make scans or something though).

    I got to rehab 1.5 years ago and still had the pain which depressed me. Furthermore i am very obsessive, ive had gaming addiction, alcohol, sleeping pills, i was obsessed with the gym 8 years ago before the pain. And i have always escaped from my emotions by gaming, lifting weights, drinking (drinking really took the pressure of me it felt great cause of it). Furthermore my mom always pushed me to do the best in school and i always thought this was the most important thing in life. I never graduated college in the end because i was an outsider in class and felt really bad about it, but i told myself it didnt matter because i didnt like them anyway?? Then i just staid home (this was like 10 years ago) and started drinking and chatting online alot. While feeling like a piece of shit for wasting my life and letting my mother and myself down with school.

    Sorry for the bad timeline in the story i just started typing and some stuff got out at the end..

    The hard part is im still doubting things since i never made an MRI or something. But i started activity again lately going behind pc for 10 hours a day with like 3-4 hours straight sometimes again without fear. I managed to stay behind it alot longer than i used to, but now i am so extremely tired getting worse every day it feels like pure exhaustion. Starting to wonder if i really have TMS now. And when i still keep going i get a lot of chest pressure that gets so bad i cant go on it feels extremely tight around my chest.

    I accepted pretty much the pain would be TMS but everyday i started getting more tired and more anxious to the point i cant keep it up anymore the pc activity..
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  4. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    It all sounds like TMS to me. I recommend that you read one or two Success Stories every day (depending on their length). You will be amazed and inspired at the severe symptoms many people endured. You probably need to be reminded about the concept of the Symptom Imperative, because it sounds like that's what you are experiencing.

    I haven't done Alan's program, because it didn't exist when I joined in 2011, although he did a couple of webinars back then which were awesome, and which really helped me to open up emotionally to myself. Alan is all about the emotional component, which is essential. Anyway, I did the Structured Educational Program (SEP) which exposes you to writing exercises, which most of us who have found success agree is essential for recovery. @Nicole J. Sachs LCSW is a huge proponent of journaling, which she promotes in her work as Journal Speak, and which she describes really well in her book and her podcast. I'm a big fan of journaling, and when I have a setback, that's where I go, along with meditation and mindfulness.

    You can use our keyword search to find threads on all kinds of subjects - in the results, just be sure to select the second tab "results from our forum only".
  5. Mark1122

    Mark1122 Well known member

    Thanks a lot for your reply! It is very helpful. I started the other program you mentioned today, i am doing 1 week a day since i have time.

    My biggest problem is reading like some one hurt his back 10years ago and something emotional happens and he develops that backpain again. But with me it started slowely while behind pc and gradually got worse. When i stop it gradually gets better till a certain point. It doesn't randomly flare up. It gets worse when i have a panic attack, i guess cause of tensed body? So this is why i doubt it being TMS a bit.

    I accepted it being TMS but everyday it gets worse and i am doubting again. I also get anxiety a lot now when im behind the PC. Im struggling a lot. But doctor and physio said body looks fine. But i have never did any scans or something.

    I am just resuming normal activity last 8 days. With a good mind that its TMS and dont worry about the pain theres nothing wrong with your body but it gets worse and worse gradually.

    At day 3-4 it seemed 50% better but maybe its placebo or its real idk its confusing., I got really tired then
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  6. freedomseeker

    freedomseeker Peer Supporter

    “Denial of the syndrome is part of the syndrome (TMS). The psyche creates symptoms but also creates doubt to assist in maintaining the symptoms” (The Divided Mind by J Sarno).
    Your brain is very good at giving you doubts along with your symptoms. It is clever in that it will give you symptoms it believes will trick you into thinking they are real physical issues. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking they may not be TMS (been there many times myself). This will only keep you in a cycle of fear and prolong your healing. That is what your brain wants - to protect you from unexpressed emotions and underlying psychological distress. So it will try any symptom it thinks will keep you “distracted” from what it perceives as a greater “threat” to your well being - your emotions. Tell your brain you won’t be fooled by it’s attempt at keeping you focused on the “physical,” and that you aren’t afraid of the symptoms because you know they aren’t dangerous. You are safe and you are physically fine. Keep reading books, staying involved on this forum and website, listening to mind-body podcasts, and just gathering knowledge any way you can. Belief is one of the biggest parts to healing. The first step that will help you the most is to convince your brain you have TMS. Keep consistent with the SEP and keep learning as much as you can. Be kind to yourself, too. You will get there!
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  7. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

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