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Experienced a set back after getting MRI results

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by ComaDivine34, Dec 12, 2022.

  1. ComaDivine34

    ComaDivine34 New Member

    Just a couple weeks ago, I decided to get an MRI to rule out any serious pathology like cancer, etc. I thought after this I can then fully embrace the TMS protocol. I received my results a few days ago. They were muscle spasms, herniated disc at l4-l5 and DISH disease (arthritis of the ligaments on the spine causing calcification).

    At first I was like "ok, I know herniated discs likely don't cause pain and research on DISH shows it typically can be controlled and sometimes causes no symptoms". It wasn't until I googled more and found stories of people who experienced paralysis, disability, needing a scooter to get around, etc. I panicked. I thought about how am I going to pay my bills if I can't work, will my family need to take care of me, will I be in severe chronic pain my whole life, etc.

    Keep in mind I am on 29 years old and have relatively minor pain. I get by without medication and actually experienced the least amount of pain in months after accepting that I likely have TMS. It wasn't until I received the MRI results that I started to panic and get more and more pain. I am still going to follow up with a rheumatologist to discuss. But just looking for some support to get back on track. I kind of wish I didn't get the MRI at this point.
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    @ComaDivine34, first, I want to say that I get that you're coming from a place that most of us haven't had to deal with, which is that you did in fact go through cancer treatment - in your twenties. That's a lot, not helped, of course, by your lifelong TMS tendencies, BUT you got through it successfully, and it's great news that your pelvic symptoms sound like they are better since accepting TMS!

    The problem is that stressing over this new Dx is not going to help a condition that might be inflammatory in nature. I know, because I was diagnosed with sudden-onset (and very late in life, at age 69) RA in the spring of 2020, which I blame on a number of stresses about which I was simply not being mindful, totally exacerbated by the brand-new pandemic and worldwide shutdown. There is no other possible reason for me to have RA (never seen any autoimmune in my family, on either side).

    I do subscribe to a website dedicated to excellent technical information about RA - but it is also FULL of articles and blogs and stories about people whose lives are severely restricted by the disease, and who also have what we here know are obvious TMS equivalents, like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I reject those stories for myself.

    Acknowledging and practicing my TMS techniques (banishing fear and controlling stress) help me to keep the RA under control at a low level of the mainstream medication. My four most recent C-Reactive Protein lab results (over twelve months) have been "undetectable". My rheumatologist is happy. I think that I could achieve remission with even more of a commitment to mindfulness.

    You can do the same.

    Have you made an attempt to start one of the programs here as previously recommended?
  3. ComaDivine34

    ComaDivine34 New Member

    Thank you again for the reply. I was following the structured educational program but I had taken a break for a few days due to feeling overwhelmed. I actually just spoke with my doctor and I asked him about the report. He actually stated I do not have DISH. The confusion came when the nurse told me I have "diffuse arthritis". I googled this and the first thing that came up was DISH. A type of non-inflammatory arthritis causing calcification of the spine and it can cause lots of issues in some patients. So my anxiety went through the roof. It scared me because there is not much to be done and most Doctors don't know what to do about it. This caused immense fear of being alone with my disorder.

    What I do have is diffuse (meaning multiple joints) arthritis. So this could very well likely due to TMS and my elevated stress and levels of fear causing inflammation. Since I have a family history of autoimmune diseases I am still going to see a Rheumatologist to try and nip this in the bud before it gets worse. I am so happy my doctor called me today to clear it up, otherwise I would've been chasing something different. I think I can now continue my TMS journey again.
  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Your story clearly points out that your pain is TMS. Otherwise how could receiving information (MRI results) result in an increase in pain? The origin is in the mind, as it is with all TMS. Best wishes on your road to recovery.
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  5. ComaDivine34

    ComaDivine34 New Member

    @Ellen I think this may be a blessing in disguise. I learned a valuable lesson about googling symptoms and also it solidifies that I likely have TMS. Thank you for the wishes!
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