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Day 6 Doubts

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by dolcevita, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. dolcevita

    dolcevita New Member

    Hi all, I'm on Day 6 of the program and it says to post doubts if I have any. I keep fluctuating in my belief of the diagnosis. And the fluctuation itself is causing anxiety because then I start to worry that my hesitancy is just going to slow my progress.

    Anyway, the reason I have doubts is the nature of my back pain. It doesn't hurt all the time. It hurts when I sit for a long time. So at first it's fine, and then the longer I sit the more it hurts. And if I really push through the pain and keep sitting longer, it just turns into a huge flair up of pain that effects my ability to sit the rest of the day and following days. I don't think there's anything structurally wrong with me, I'm just afraid of making the pain worse by pushing through it; what if this diagnosis is wrong and I'm just undoing all the progress I've made with the chiropractor for no good reason. I couldn't sit at all at some point and dread going back to that!

    I know I should push through the pain to show my brain whose boss but I'm just afraid to. And the fear itself annoys me because I WANT the diagnosis to be true and I want to be able to get over this once and for all.

    Thanks for listening to me :) And also thank you to the people who replied to my previous Day 1 post about my CFS and chronic pain!
  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    dolcevita - You don't have to worry. You can gain control over this worry and you will. It will take some effort and some time but that's why the word reconditioning exist right. Whatever we fear persist so now you need to know how to lose this fear or worry ok. I'm going to give you a thread to Claire Weekes. Read her stuff for the coming weekend and let it all soak in ok. Listen to her audios and let them teach you how to face worry and let it go.

    The thread above has her method to beat anxiety in the audios ok. They are about 15 to 18 minutes a piece, listen to them over the weekend so you can keep thinking emotional and psychological ok.

    The link below is to all her cool threads that we have here at the wiki ok. Her works will help you ok.

    http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/tags/claire weekes dsc/

    I want to share with you that I have all the doubts you had. I wondered what if I hurt myself worse. But then I began to think of all the times I have used my back and yes it hurt but it has never broken in half and stuff like that ya know.

    If you fear to move you will always have pain. If you focus on the fear you will always have pain. If you think you are structurally damaged you will always have pain.
    Keep you heart on hope and truth, here is the truth. Let time recondition your thoughts ok but you have to be hard headed to those doubtful thoughts too and just let go of the negative thoughts and hold onto the victory thoughts. You will win but the winning starts when you let go of lifes pressures and how you react to those pressures ok.

    You have been checked by medical doctors and your good for our program right. That means you have tms. The only other option for real structural pain as far as I know would be cancer and you don't have that so give up the structural fight and allow your mind to recondition over time. You will go on and do this program all the way through and the less you focus on the pain and the less you don't fear the pain and the more you find ways to make yourself happy and let lifes pressures go then the more you will begin to feel better ok.

    You don't have to fight against pain either. You will heal when you get your nervous system under control and all of your programming is reversed ok.

    Bless you

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