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Difficulty to commit to the program

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Fourteen, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Fourteen

    Fourteen New Member

    I've had lower back pain and knee problems for the past 20-25 years or so. However, they have not been really debilitating. When my back acted up, usually some heat and rest would work, and my knees hurt on runs and when climbing stairs, but I could still be active. Over the years I stopped doing sports almost altogether, mostly because I couldn't find time between work and parenting. The fact that my knees would hurt every time I tried to go back clearly didn't help, but I certainly feel like a very easy case compared to many of the members of this community.

    I was introduced to TMS by a colleague who had severe, debilitating back problems, went through unsuccessful surgery, and healed completely using the online program. She now not only runs 10K's regularly and feels fantastic, completely pain-free, but she also believes that there is nothing she can't achieve in life, after successfully doing this... :) Inspired by her, I started going through the program myself. However, I couldn't do this on a regular basis, had starts and stops, and many long breaks in between. I did Day 1 about 20 months (!!!!) ago, and I'm still on Day 37... My back and knees improved significantly after completing about 3 weeks of the program, (which probably took me about a year...) and I'm slowly adding more exercise to my routine. About 4 months ago, my left shoulder started hurting. I basically ignored it and by now the pain is almost completely gone.

    So while I certainly believe that this helps me, my commitment level to the program has been disappointingly low. Perhaps because I'm not suffering enough to put in the full effort.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?
    Do you have an insight into why?
    Have you been able to manage it, and how has it affected your results?

    I'd love to get at least enough motivation to complete the program once and for all!
    Thank you!!
  2. mister_burger

    mister_burger New Member

    Hi Fourteen,

    Dr Sarno would say that knowledge is the "penicillin" for TMS.
    Reading and learning about it regularly helped me heal very fast. I think it took me just under a week to challenge myself after reading his book. It was scary but worth it.

    Devoting 10-15 min a day, maybe first thing in the morning before work, before anything, to make it a routine. That could really help you tackle the commitment issue.
  3. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    ""So while I certainly believe that this helps me, my commitment level to the program has been disappointingly low. Perhaps because I'm not suffering enough to put in the full effort.""

    That is so honest I LOVE it! Very Human of you...

    Just like science doesn't know why certain brain functions happen the way they do, No one knows why we act, respond and live the way we do. It sounds like you have gotten a lot of respite from your symptoms merely KNOWING that this (TMS) is the problem. For a lot of people , that is all they need to hear/know.

    My Boss was in AGONY about 5 months ago. I gave him my book 'Healing Back Pain' and he didn't even finish it...just my preaching and testimony (yeah... I can get that way) and the first 2/3's of the book and he was cured. He realized that the problems he was having with his kids and the stresses of being Boss were the source of the pain and the pain left. As mister_burger just reminded us, it is knowledge therapy. I think sometimes on these forums we have gotten a little far into the 'details' of our individual recovery methods(our way of acknowledging the anger) and then passed the FORM on to others, when in truth it is the ESSENCE that resolves the symptoms.

    I have been pain free for a long time and never done any 'program'. It's nice knowing it's there for a reminder, but it didn't exist back in '99... there was no forums, internet, amazon reviews, etc... just the text of HBP and .....nothing. And we were still getting cured.

    The fact that you think you ought to finish it is proof positive that you think it works..which is probably why you haven't had enough 'motivator' (pain) to drive you to do it. Sort of a positive feedback loop. Knowing that's where pain comes from you might never get enough to force you to finish any program. The only advice I would give is to look at all of the other physical stuff (sickness, skin, allergies) and see if some other malady isn't occupying your attention in a similar manner

    You are already Home!
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  4. Fourteen

    Fourteen New Member

    Thank you both so much for these thoughts! The idea of the positive feedback loop really resonates with me. I do have a nagging asthma/allergy which started right when my back pain subsided, and while I totally think it's TMS as well, I haven't been as successful in getting rid of it. I've read that the secondary symptoms that appear after we resolve the most glaring TMS ones can be harder to cure. I'll try to refocus on it.

    Thanks again!

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