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Day One

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ter456, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. ter456

    ter456 New Member

    Today I started day 1 of the structured program. I have had multiple different kinds of chronic pain for the last 3-5 years (back, buttocks, pelvic, shoulders and acid reflux). I saw Dr. Schechter is LA and was diagnosed with TMS. While I was greatly relieved to hear that, like many I still have doubts creep in about the diagnosis.

    I am working via phone with a TMS therapist which I am grateful for. My biggest concern right now is starting to exercise after many years of inactivity. Last week (I am starting very slowly) I picked up some 1 lb weights and did 1 set of 10 for biceps and one for shoulders. The pain increased but it was not a "charlie horse" type of pain, but just a significant increase in my existing pain. I know this can happen when you exercise, but I also think that the brain can intensify the pain because it doesn't want you to move as pointed out in Steve Ozanich's book. The pain in my back (which radiates into my tailbone and buttocks) is also in a bad flare up (I have this pain everyday in various intensities) and I want so much to start to exercise my lower body (I've lost a lot of muscle mass and weight). But, I am just so concerned about the exercise exacerbating the pain so much that it would be difficult to bear. I guess, I just have to get up the courage to do it. I just cannot bear the thought of it keeping me up at night even more than it does now. Thank you for listening.
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  2. arghmakeitstop

    arghmakeitstop New Member

    I hope you’re doing well. You must be on about day 12 by now? I only started today, but did the 21 day programme first. It’s been a massive help.
  3. ter456

    ter456 New Member

    I hope you’re doing well. I actually switched over to Dr. Schechter's structured workbook so I can spend less time on-line as I also have shoulder issues and hurts to type. However, I did go through Alan's program )(TMS psychologist here on line first)….which 21 day program are you referring to? Glad you have some improvement!

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