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Day 7 Day 7 Rest Day/ Trying to hard to recover

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Edward, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Edward

    Edward Peer Supporter

    Well its going to be slightly long winded but I need to let it out so here goes. Things had been going extremely well since I started the program, until yesterday when I decided to let a friend come over before this guitar clinic last night. We hung out and it was fun for a bit. I know he has TMS cause he takes medication for his anxiety and although he is a really awesome guy and super friendly i couldn't stop judging him or something... I don't know hes a close friend of mine yet.... then I got into deep thought about TMS i.e do I need alone time, am I expecting to much of myself as his friend etc. we started practicing guitar together and I found it frustrating cause I couldn't practice the normal way I usually would which made it challenging and i was getting annoyed and quiet but at the same time not showing it I was being friendly etc. Anyways it came to the end of the night and I was like aight I'm going to do my TMS journal....then it was like oh boom day off I'll watch the video in the morning. So I watch it and Forest says yes it is possible to over work the structured educational program (something I had been wondering myself). then for a good part of the day I was feeling rather uncomfortable in my own head compared to usual. I was giving my mind minimal comfort (caring phrases, hugs and kisses etc) AND IT JUST KINDA FELT LIKE CRAP. Compared to the first week where i was being so kind to myself today was not the greatest. I guess after being told that yes you can over work the program I thought hmm maybe I'm over working it a bit (cause i think about it very often) then doubt entered my mind and I ended up having a bit of cruddy day... don't get me wrong it wasn't that bad just not as good as the others. Anyways I think I'm going to go back to giving myself comfort etc? Its hard not to think about whether or not the way that way that you are treating your TMS ( i.e the way you think ) is right or wrong or to care less about treating your TMS.
  2. PeoplePleaser1

    PeoplePleaser1 New Member

    Edward, I was on Day 7 of the program yesterday and felt like I took a step back as well. Just felt anxious all day which fed my pain symptoms (slightly, but enough to bother me). I thought Forrest's blog was well timed. I find when I'm busy and not focused on my pain, it goes away. Perhaps we are being too hard on ourselves again (TMS trait) which is exactly what we are trying to avoid. Hope you woke up in a better place.
  3. Edward

    Edward Peer Supporter

    Hey man. Cheers for your post. Funny how it timed itself perfectly for you. Events seem to be timing themselves perfectly for me also lol. Yep it was hard to know what to do after that day 7 video! Am definitely feeling a lot better though. I didn't do my journal for a while just cause I was way to busy so I kinda thought less about the whole treating TMS thing and went on with my business and managed to cool off a bit. I guess the main thing I tell myself is that I am o.k to do or feel what ever it is at the time and just to spend time with the way I feel and not try and change it. Just feel it and notice my thoughts and not try and change them but tell myself that it is o.k :) I'm a student and in the weekends i work. I like going to work cause it's the easiest place for me to be with my uncomfortable feelings. Anyways hope all is well with you PeoplePleaser1 :)

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