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Day 7 - Recognizing the Role of Fear

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ARP, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. ARP

    ARP New Member

    I am on Day 7 of Alan Gordon’s program. It is a rest day, and I watched Forest’s video on not working too hard on TMS and knowing when you are over-activated and when to call it for a rest… funny, as I intuitively woke up this morning and felt like I didn’t want to do much work today as I had a fight with my partner last night, hardly slept as a result, and am emotionally drained.

    However, I felt compelled to post as this week I have sat at my desks for almost 5 hours this past week – I have been too scared to sit for almost a year as PTs kept telling me sitting would aggravate my pelvic pain and urinary symptoms so I should avoid sitting whenever possible.

    Yesterday I worked on a paper for 6 hours at my desk – seated, instead of standing - and only got up to take breaks for food/drink. None of my symptoms flared or got worse.

    THIS IS EVIDENCE – evidence of the conditioning that health care practitioners instilled in me, that is feeding further into my fear cycle. I am trying to do one small thing that scares me every day to get out of this cycle and living from fear.

    Thank you <3
  2. hollywood

    hollywood New Member

    That's all the proof you need. CPPS is a bunch of BS caused by anxiety. stress and fear.

    That is what start's and keeps the symptoms going. In my opinion.

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