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  1. michellefasja

    michellefasja New Member

    Doctors tend to say that everything is all in my head and that it appears as if I don’t want to get better. That everything is on me and listening that sometimes can be frustrating. All I want is to feel perfect again as I used too, just for them to give me something that actually works on me. After several doctors, nothing has works besides this book I just read, Healing Back Pain. Now I understand what doctors meant. I am not perfect but still working in my recovery. Everything takes time and Im pretty sure Ill make it, just as all of you have and many of you will.
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sarno did NOT like that statement...Nor did I when I was in agony and my Mother-in-law told me that. That's a very simplistic summary. It's actually 'all in our life' and to keep our head clear, we get symptoms....no participation on our part. I like to call it an over-evolved coping mechanism.
    After I got better and explained Sarno to my Mother-in-law she said "That's what I meant!" (LOL!)
    The Good news is that we only have to learn about it, recognize some things and it goes away.
    I'm sure you will too...

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