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Day 27: Sneaky TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by David B, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. David B

    David B Well known member

    Reading Dr Sacks response on alergies was another revelation. I am doing very well with my recovery. Well enough that I have planned to ski with my family in 4 weeks.

    In the past two days my night time nasal congestion has suddenly reappeared and one of my eyes has gotten red and teary in the morning. Neither of these are new issues.

    The congestion appeared 7-10 years ago and even after years of immuno-thereapy injections alergies it didnt improve and got to the point where not long before my back symptoms stared I almost has sinus surgery. Funny that i noticed at the height of my back symptoms i didnt have nasal congestion at night. the red eye was always diagnosed on conjunctivitis but sometimes would take months to go away then just disappear over night for no reason. At one point I was trying all kinds of different contacts to correct the tearing.

    Funny now I have lost most of my concerns about the back and leg symptoms and they are very on a clear path of diminishing to virtually nothing that these two issues poppped up.

    Sneaky TMS! :)armscrosseddenial
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  2. Pingman

    Pingman Well known member

    David - Indeed it is sneaky. I have suffered from sinus issues my whole life but this year in Indiana everyone is really having a hard time with the temp swings and constant low pressure from snow/rain. I think that my headache issues I have been so worried about have actually been sinus related all along but when my TMS couldn't use my leg pain to convince me I had Multiple Sclerosis it moved to my head and eyes. It knew that I had read MS impacts those as well.

    It used an existing issue I was previsouly fine with to convince me I had something sinister..leading to anxiety. Good news is we know the tricks now and are prepared to make the right call on what is real/trick.
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  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Pingman, what makes you think you have MS? You may well be worrying about that needlessly. It sounds important to you enough so that you might consider having a doctor examine you for it. Dr. Sarno writes about MS on pages 156-157 of Healing Back Pain and says it's an example of a disorder in the immune system but that emotions can play a part in their cause. That brings us back to TMS and repressed emotions.

    It's often dangerous to our health and emotions if we go online to look up symptoms like MS. If you've done that to believe you have MS, it could make your pain worse. Health information on web sites often can be misleading or not true at all.

    I suggest just keep working on and believing TMS is the cause of your pain and not MS.

    Dr. Sarno says, "An illness serves to draw attention away from the realm of the emotions, and when the person recognizes that this is what is going on, and attention is focused on the emotions, the illness loses its purpose and ceases."

    The illness he refers to may be your thinking you have MS.
  4. Pingman

    Pingman Well known member

    Hey Walt -

    Sorry, I should have been more clear in my example of how sneaky mt TMS has been. MS worrying was what actually brought on my initail bought of TMS back in November..my leg pain and tingling, electric zaps. I had went online to review some urinary issues I was having and MS was one of the 20 causes with it being the worst...majority of the time it was related to bladder infection. That initial search for answers instead of going to my Dr. allowed that MS possibility to enter my mind. So when I began to excercise again and my leg started to hurt, my mind recalled the symptoms of MS and put the leg and urinary issues together and presto.

    Thats when I joined the site and was able to heal my leg pain by getting back to running and trusting in TMS. I could literally feel the knots in my calf my stress had caused. Around the time I started to believe my leg was TMS I heard about a few celebrities who had MS and vision and head issues were their symptoms. That is when I began symptom checking my head and eyes and I think I allowd my mind to associate sinus problems as MS symptoms.

    I don't think I have MS anymore. I have been cleared by too many Drs and test for that. TMS didn't care though and decided to try and convince me I was going to have these head pains for the rest of my life and miss out on enjoying time with my family.

    So now I am fully 100% on board with TMS as I have watched it sneak and move around and am seeing results with my headaches by being mindful and focusing. Also talking to my parts and in general just trying to relax and realize I am a pretty good person who I should have tried to get to know better.

    TMS has tried to use Headaches to keep me away from my emotions but I think I am having some sucess at getting my emotions to realize I am capable of dealing with my past now.
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