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Day 17 Day 17

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by aa3405, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. aa3405

    aa3405 Peer Supporter

    There are many aspects of the forum and structured educational program. I find the support from members to be extremely helpful to me. I wonder if what I am feeling or writing is unimportant. Then I get a response from a member that validates what I have written which gives me motivation and to continue with the program and with posting. I like that the SEP is self driven, so, it makes me responsible for taking care of myself and my TMS symptoms. I feel like I am making some progress in that I am more aware of my symptoms being related to TMS, however, I am still not sure what to do when the symptoms occur. I try to pay attention to my thoughts and emotions at the time, but I haven't been able to identify what is really setting off the pain. Hopefully, it will become more clear as I continue with the SEP.
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  2. nowtimecoach

    nowtimecoach Well known member

    Hi aa3405, I had the same experience of participating on the forum. I love reading and responding to posts of fellow travellers. The beauty of sharing what has worked, suggestions for patience and hurrahs for staying on the healing path... all aid in my getting better and better everyday.
    I got caught up in trying to identify what was setting off TMS last night while at a family holiday dinner...then had to laugh because there were plenty of reasons for stress, as we were trying to get dinner on the table...But what really set me at ease, was to just allow the TMS to exist and have fun anyway. I wish I could identify and poof have the pain dissipate but I'm not there 'yet' - I had to remind myself of how much better I am than I was last year at this time. Way Way Waaaaay BETTER!! And I have a chiropractor for a bro-in-law. He kept kindly offering an adjustment and I kindly kept saying - thank you but no thank you... its not a structural thing. How wonderful to not feel the need to GO FIX something. It was just my body trying to deal, consciously and unconsciously with the stress of the holidays.
  3. Ruth_L

    Ruth_L Peer Supporter

    Hi there what a lovely post!

    Currently I'm reading Dr. Marc Sopher, really great book actually, and it seems to really be helping me with TMS. I LOVE Dr. Sarno too, but Dr. Sopher was one of the people that studied with (I think) Sarno as well, and talks more about my big issue (PF) than Dr. Sarno does, & it really helps. I think he also talks about Fibro a lot in there. I love every single one of these physicians out there writing books and helping us.

    Dr. Sarno's book can be purchased in audio format (& I really suggest that since hearing the great man's WONDERFUL voice is fantastic) & reading Dr. Sopher's book are so helpful. I listen to Dr. Sarno's (back book but it applies to everyone) & read Dr. Sopher's book.

    Dr. Sopher's book can be purchased on amazon kindle & you can get kindle for pc free, and Dr. Sopher's book is just $3.99 - so worth a READ.......
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  4. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    Hi aa,
    I remember about this time during the program visiting my Mother's apartment. I don't remember what we were discussing but she was disappointed in me. I could "feel" the pain increasing in my abdomen, the back of my thighs, my IT band and lower back. I was observing her disappointment at the same time my pain was increasing. I remember thinking "stop, stop, stop, stop, what can I do, what Can I do, what can I do." I felt helpless at the time. I drove home to grab my journal to write about what happened.

    I am so driven to be perfect, so fearful of disappointing others ten beat myself up for slight flaws then then that burried deep anger totally out of my awareness.

    Your making good progress, aa. The journey continues.

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