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Day 15: Pain jumping and progress

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Calum, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Calum

    Calum Well known member

    Hi all, its been about a week since my last post, life has been hectic! Planning a nothing day for most of tomorrow, some quality me time.

    So today was very stressful, I realised I made a mistake in one of my interpretations which means I'll have to redo literally days of work. Not. Cool. This and the fact I havn't decided if I like my new boss or not is stressing me out. Had some interesting pain movement today because of it. My rsi pain flared up again, although I notice this usually only happens in the following senario: a) I'm stressed at work and working hard using the mouse alot, b) then a little voice rises from my subconcious and says "wow you've been using the mouse alot I bet this is going to hurt" c) bang pain d) I swear at the pain and carry on e) usually the pain fades, its reared its ugly little head now the little ****.
    Also on my run home I started having some knee pain, told my self it was TMS, then it jumped to shinsplint like pain, I told myself it was TMS and it faded to a dull ache.

    I'm quite schizophrenic with the structured program, some days I do all of a days work on it, some days I'm too busy, I know thats probably the problem and why I have TMS pain, repressed emotions and not enough quiet time for me. But by being busy I'm also following the programs advice, I'm out climbing, running, being active and socialising with a variety of different people, life is good. So good sometimes I forget to do the program, until the pain flares up and brings me back to reality.
  2. Emily

    Emily Peer Supporter

    Hi Calum, It is very interesting to hear how clearly your pain bounces around once you identify it as TMS. What a telltale sign!
    It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job identifying the pain and shutting it down. Don't be too hard on yourself about time with the program. I see some perfectionist tendencies (one of the key TMS Personality Traits) in your last paragraph. You are doing a great job, nothing says you have to complete the program in 40 days :) Keep doing what works best for you!
  3. NolaGal

    NolaGal Peer Supporter

    Yeah, I'm not doing it every single day. Well, I'm working on things, but I'm not strictly following the specific "days" or posting every single day. I think we each need to go at our own pace and tailor the program to our specific needs. Thankfully, that's easy to do with such a wonderful program! I'm also starting to have some pain jumping around. It's minor compared to the big shoulder pain I got rid of, so I'm just trying to recognize it for what it is and not feed it.
  4. Calum

    Calum Well known member

    Hi Emily, thanks for your reply, yeah I'm doing an OK job at shutting down the pain although RSI pain, the main one, can be really hard if not impossible to shift some times, just needs more work. And yes I'm a massive perfectionist. How is your progress?

    Hi NolaGal, yeah I agree with you, and well done on shifting that shoulder pain!

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