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New Program Day 10: Somatic Tracking II: Anxiety Strikes Back

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Alan Gordon LCSW, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. kim marie

    kim marie Peer Supporter

    Thank you ☺just watching ,scanning over your pain feeling no fear just checking in.. instead of omg its starting the unbearable pain I can't take it anymore ,
  2. Jennie79

    Jennie79 Newcomer

  3. Jennie79

    Jennie79 Newcomer

    Thank you. This is exactly what I needed.
  4. kim marie

    kim marie Peer Supporter

    i get anxiety alot in the morning because Im always in pain
    I had a pain stimulator surgery that distroyed my life in 2007 .more and new pain that also caused me tramadic stress syndrome. This surgeon put the stimulator in the back of my head it was supposed tone in my upper back .I was scared of him .when I got home the stimulator went up by itself .my blood pressure went up sky high .I had it turned off I got sick and more pain .no surgeon would touch me where he placed it .so we went back to Los Vegas . He removed it but never talked me before surgery and didn't see him in surgery but asked if he was there she said he was
  5. winniethepoodle

    winniethepoodle New Member

    I love this idea, but I'm having trouble thinking of how this strong mindbody connection can actually be a positive. Can anyone help me think of some examples?
  6. Gojab

    Gojab Peer Supporter

    I like the idea of this Somatic Tracking. Can anyone help me reconcile this with Dr. Sarno's 10th daily rule which is to "shift my attention from the pain to the emotional issues". To me, that almost sounds like avoiding the pain sensations, whereas Somatic tracking seems to be the opposite, to observe the pain non judgmentally. Does Somatic tracking happen before one shifts attention to the emotional issues? Or are they synonymous? Thanks for any help.
  7. Syl

    Syl Peer Supporter

    Hey there! The way I do this is by quietly observing the physical sensations without any thought or judgement toward them. I simply allow my mind to "watch", as it were, the sensations of pain/discomfort for a few moments, like I'm a curious child checking out a new toy they just received, and then I shift my focus while allowing the pain to continue, if it wishes to. I don't make any effort to ignore it or get annoyed at it, I just exist along with it. So then I turn my focus to my mind and I ask myself: "Okay, what kind of emotions/feelings have I experienced in the last, say 24 hours?" The answer to this comes so quickly! Basically, my mind remembers my being angry a day ago because I had a heated argument with someone, or I read a piece of news which really upset me and in turn created fear in me, and this led to my feeling anxious or depressed, and so on... So I just connect the dots as they come and I write them down. And that's it. The action of writing them down usually helps to relieve me of those emotions (even if I'm no longer feeling them in the present), but I know deep inside that by going through this process my reptilian brain, who I call "Lizard", starts to calm down. So I still remain non-judgemental and get on with my day irrespective of any pain/discomfort. I do reassure Lizard that this is simply TMS and that it's unnecessary, unneeded, and unwanted, and therefore it can go away. I usually tell it to "sod off" or "bugger off" and I let it go. I do this within my mind or I vocalise it as voicing it seems more powerful.

    I do all this without any expectation that the pain/discomfort will go. I don't feel disappointment if it doesn't go straight away. I don't get upset or make any judgements. It's more like I shrug my shoulders and say "Que sera, sera" (like the song), and I get on with whatever I was doing, eg. cleaning the house, watching TV, cooking, or whatever. Oftentimes, I find that the pain just goes away--it may come back later, but if it does I tell it to bugger off and then get on with whatever I was doing yet again. And if I get new sensations of pain, which I do, I go through the same process again.

    Anyway, the process takes me about five minutes or so, and I now got to the point where I don't necessarily have to write down the feelings I have; I already know what they are. But if I have the time, I write them down right there and then, or I write about them later. The magic ingredient in this whole process, however, is to remain truly non-judgemental and cultivate the attitude of "whatever happens, happens".

    I hope this helps.
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  8. CO for me

    CO for me Newcomer

    Greetings, Alan,

    After dealing with chronic vertigo, dizziness and neck pain for over 20+ years, I finally happened upon the TMS diagnosis by reading books and realizing that after visits with a bazillion doctors and specialists that my issues are not all structural. The Somatic Tracking intrigues me from the viewpoint of dealing with the uncomfortable sensations rather than running away. However, perhaps I can get some guidance as to how to deal with something such as vertigo or dizziness because you can't really just keep going when it happens. If you do, you could fall down or harm yourself or others. How would you approach the process of Somatic Tracking with something like this?

    I now know that what my brain sees as a corrective and protective process is my brain really trying to keep me "balanced" and to keep me going in the right direction. It really does make sense but I would rather it had been a more manageable sensation than dizziness.

    Thank you for such a life changing program!
  9. Maggieazee

    Maggieazee Newcomer

    I think I’m a little confused. I’ve been practicing somatic tracking for about a week and my anxiety has skyrocketed (near panic attack-levels). I don’t understand how you can “lean into” the feeling of anxiety without fear. I understand “lean in” to mean to feel that anxiety, experience it. But, if you are feeling the anxiety, how can you also observe it without fear? Anxiety = Fear. Am I misunderstanding? Thanks!
  10. CO for me

    CO for me Newcomer

    I can certainly understand how you feel! I am not a specialist, just another person dealing with these issues. Some others have suggested that when you experience the fear to tell yourself that it is OK to feel the fear and that will sometimes decrease the anxiety and fear. I have issues with balance and when I felt the dizziness coming on, my anxiety would kick in big time and the associated fear of "what will I do now??" and remain all tensed up for hours waiting for it to happen again! So, I have recently tried to understand that the fear and anxiety will be there when these episodes happen and even though it is very unpleasant to experience, I immediately tell myself that it's ok to be fearful. When you tell yourself that you will be OK, it has a calming effect (at least for me). You are telling yourself that YOU are in control and not your anxiety or fear. I hope this helps a little bit.
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  11. Dumpty

    Dumpty Newcomer

    Wonderful information. I know that it will take time to implement all theses techniques and I am trying to have an “EasydoesIt” attitude. My heart goes out to the person who had that experience with the medical system and the stimulator suggestion. This is just my experience. Doctors do the best they can according to how they have been trained. Medical schools don’t offer much on Mind Body techniques, let alone how to establish trust with their patients. That being said, I am so sad to hear your experience. Years ago, I had a spinal stimulator placed in my back. It wasn’t a great experience and it was extremely limiting and cumbersome...just my experience. In less than a year I had to have it removed because all the wires fell off the leads. My back improved as i did yoga, and slowly I got better. I am here now because of issues in my feet. And I believe this will work for me. I went through many tests and there is nothing”structural wrong” with my feet. I wholeheartedly believe in these techniques and the people teaching them .They are trained differently, and way beyond traditional medical school. I support you in whatever you decide for yourself, and please know that you are not alone. I love the information here, we must tend to ourselves in very real concrete ways that are living kind and compassionate, just like we would treat others...no judgement. Very warmly, Dumpty. Ps thank you everyone Alan and all of you on this journey, you are my lifelines!
  12. CATS

    CATS Newcomer

    ***I, too, had a bad experience with a pain doc who dismissed me as you were. He suggested a spinal stimulator but I received little to no information and finally decided for myself that it was too invasive. Going thru' these forums is helpful for me, and I hope you can find some relief.
  13. CATS

    CATS Newcomer

    Excellent video! It made me realize that I was a child of little recognition, and in trying to obtain my mother's attention/love I cared for all her needs the last 13 years of her life (she lived to be 100). I never felt that I received laud but rather criticism. Today I am earning to let it go and to love myself. Thanks!
  14. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    The most difficult part of the program for me. The more I do the somatic tracking, the more I fear of symptoms or get angry with them. I cannot be neutral towards them, I get upset, thinking, you are here again, I have lots to do, don't want to waste time for this, it is unpleasant etc. Besides, what can I do when I feel them while working and having to concentrate on what I have to say/teach/do? It is very multitasking...
    Any ideas? Probably, my willing not to waste time to the sensations is the reason they are still here, but in real life one has to think many aspects during a social activity.
    I can do it easily with pain, it was a click for me and almost always I am comfort with this. I can concentrate to other things while in pain, I feel like it came to visit and leave some moment. But it became difficult then to handle other sensations, moving around.
  15. Maryhelen

    Maryhelen Newcomer

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  16. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    I have a question...

    "TMS arises in those with a strong mindbody connection. Not everyone can generate such powerful physical sensations with their brain"
    Why is this happening? Who is prone to strong Mindbody connection? Because, I have noticed that there are people experiencing huge amount of emotions, stress, anger etc and simply feel nothing!
    I also noticed that my mother has a strong Mindbody connection, she instinctively realized it some decades ago but nobody believed her !
    Is it inherited or learned?

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