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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by alvaro14v, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. alvaro14v

    alvaro14v New Member

    So today is my day 1 with the Structure Educational Program. I've been having chronic headaches since the age of 14. When I was 14 i started High School and I also started wearing color contacts. I felt they would make me look better and probably help me not feel as isolated as I felt throughout previous years in school. One night I slept with them on and i had an eye infection. My eye started hurting a lot and i had to go to the doctor for special drops. Once I put my contacts back on I started having this horrible headaches. Every time I put the color contacts I had the headaches. I started wearing clear contacts and after a bit i started having headaches with them. I had no choice but to wear glasses again. After months of wearing glasses again i started having headaches when i wore them. I went to countless eye doctors had many prescriptions and all the glasses would give me headaches.

    When i was 18 I had LASIK surgery so I do not have to wear glasses hoping my headaches would finally go away. I still recall that day as one of the most horrible days of my life. As soon as I open my eyes I could see perfectly but I still had a painful headache. I went so many doctors including neurologists, eye doctors, you name it, My parents spend thousands of dollars to find a cure for my pain. Doctors would look at me like I am crazy. My headaches moved from being triggered by wearing glasses by being triggered by random things such as putting my wallet in my pocket, going to the gym, wearing headphones, etc. I lived in constant fear of triggering the headaches. The last doctor I went to told me to go to a Psychologist because that pain was "In my head".

    I started doing therapy and I was diagnosed with General Anxiety disorder and OCD. It has been 13 years and I am still struggling with it. I noticed that the headaches come back worse when I am going through stress or new things. For example, i just started a new job that I am super excited about and also my headaches came back stronger than ever. After reading about TMS I am 100% sure that is what I am going through. I am really excited to going through this educational program and get to know your stories. For the first time in a long time I feel that I am not alone. I am not crazy. That my pain is real and there are other people that go what I go through!!
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  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Welcome alvero14v to this program. Like you, I had done lots of work investigating my psychology, but as much as I learned, TMS hit me very hard. It was only when I connected the dots between my inner workings, how they caused me stress (as they do in everyone) and the pain I was experiencing did my pain begin to subside. I remember reading Dr. Sarno's Divided Mind and finding a case of an Asian-American woman who had done years of therapy and nothing helped her pain. It was only when Dr. Sarno helped her make the connection that she healed. Reading this was a huge help for me. Good luck in your journey.
  3. Irene

    Irene Peer Supporter

    Welcome, Alvaro14v

    I'm excited for you, too! wavea

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