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Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by JohnnyWindtunnel, Aug 15, 2022.

  1. JohnnyWindtunnel

    JohnnyWindtunnel New Member

    The first step in doing this involves making a thread post about where you are right now in your treatment. Write a short post about the level of acceptance you have of the TMS diagnosis, and of any doubts or worries you may have at this point.

    Hi. I'm Johnny and right now I've just finished reading Sarno's book "The Mindbody Prescription". The personality type Sarno describes is extremely similar to my own: a "do gooder" who puts high levels of pressure on himself, with a high level of internal hostility. I have even had issues with obsessive compulsiveness in the past that occured after a psychological trauma. In childhood, I had asthma that I have believed that I personally cured "by no longer believing in it".

    I received the Pfizer vaccine in July 2021 after months of intense pressure from my extended family and wife. I was extremely afraid of the potential effects of the shot and could not preclude that it wasn't at least not tested enough and at worst part of some dangerous conspiracy. I no longer wanted elderly people in my family to be frightened and behave hysterically around me, as they had pre vaccine, so I convinced myself I wanted to take the shot "for them", while clearly my unconscious was not in agreement

    Within the day I regretted my decision, because the feelings in my body were "weird". Since than near constant musculo skeletal pain has developed in my chest and some heart palipitations. At one point the pain was intense burning and I could not sit or kay down comfortably for several weeks. Other strange tension like symptoms in my legs, and head aches have come and gone and returned again.

    I have tried all kinds treatments to rid myself of the chest pain and palpitations including crainial electro stimulation, tons of supplements, osteopathic muscle manipulation, blood letting, meditation, prescribed medications, praying -- you name it. Few have been paricularly effective (the crainial electrical stimulation did amazingly clear the headaches and night sweats up in a matter of days though tbh).

    I have had many blood tests and heart tests and scans including a cardiac MRI. Nothing has been significant, except a low number of palps that can be counted on two hands (said to be normal), and one marker of inflammation my GP said was inconclusive and didn't offer much in the way of assessment. My wife who is a healthcare practioner basically has believed my issues are TMS this entire time, although she is not familiar with the diagnosis specifcally. The osteopath I see believes my "nervous system is frightened" and can't turn itself off, causing the symptoms.

    I've come across Sarno's work and very much believe that my personality does fit into his diagnostic category, and it completely makes sense that the vaccine could have played the roll of a Nocebo for me.
    Fear of the shot and the world situation and anger at my wife and family are not particularly unconscious though as I am well aware of them, while trying to continue to get along and love them. There were also a number of major social, cultural and political differences that estranged me from the same family members leading up to the vaccination.

    The whole situation absolutely, at face value, appears to be tinderbox for TMS, however, I am still a bit afraid that I could have a serious vaccine injury that could be resulting in ongoing damage for me, to be completely honest.

    I very much like the 20/20 video and have loved Sarno's book and am waiting another to arrive in the mail. I am hopeful for sure, but also need to be convinced both intellectually and emotionally that what I'm dealing with is TMS. I look forward to giving this program the opportunity to do just that.
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  2. Booble

    Booble Well known member

    First of all I want to congratulate you for overcoming your fear and protecting your family by getting the vaccine. You can look at it that you were forced into or pressured or you can look at it that you were a hero. I see you as a hero. Imagine the reverse situation where you caught the virus during its worst phase and your wife or the elders ended up on a ventilator. Or that you had to make the decision to take them off life support. You prevented that situation. You bucked up and did what you needed to do to prevent that despite the fear. I for one am and I'm sure your wife and her family were proud of you.

    But those feelings of anger need to get out and on to the page so that you can get to that point where you can feel them, be happy or accepting with the choice you made and let them go.

    Enjoy your journey and the break from all that constant focus on treatments and on what you are physically feeling.
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  3. Adde160

    Adde160 New Member

    Hi, sorry that you have been suffering. The high fever is a normal response to the vaccine. It's easy for our brains to create a lot of fear around that. Particularly when we go on the Internet. It sounds like the doctors have checked out all the potential complications and that you are all clear. Yay!

    In terms of that kind of pain, that chest area is a prone to stress. I had a period of time with severe pain in my armpit area that extended to the breast. You might notice some feeling of muscle tightness?

    You only need a 10 out of 10 acceptance that TMS is REAL and that our bodies can create pain that mimics medical conditions.
    And the belief that there is a darn good chance that that is what you are experiencing.

    The absolute best and most effective advice I can give you is to stay away from the groups of people with "vaccine side effects." They will continue to scare the shit out of you and keep you focused unnecessarily on the sensations you are feeling. Would you be willing to go 3 weeks without going to that group, without looking up your symptoms on the Internet?

    If so, would you also be willing to allow yourself have the pain and not "try" to stop it?

    If so, you could spend that time instead on exploring your emotional feelings that might be pent up inside. Those of us who present to the world as positive, upbeat and happy have the hidden anger, guilt, etc. tucked away. Spend time on that and you'll find that your chest pain will ease up on its own.
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  4. NekoS

    NekoS Newcomer

    This definitely helped me! Stay away from any group that goes with the idea of the symptoms being physical, for that matter.
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  5. Thedales2001

    Thedales2001 Newcomer

    Hmmm, unlike the other people in this thread, I have seen people with injury to the jab. That being said, it could also be a coincidence and the stress of feeling trapped and pushed into making a decision for your health that you didn’t agree with could be causing you to have repressed anger. Maybe you start the work there.
  6. JohnnyWindtunnel

    JohnnyWindtunnel New Member

    I agree. It is fairly incredible that so many people are experiencing identical symptoms to me from the vaccine including someone on this very thread.

    that being said everything else (my personality , history, presentation of symptoms, lack of significant findings during tests) is in line with TMS. I’m thinking there is a major mind body stress component that sort of allowed for the response I’ve had to the shot.

    Definitely complicated stuff to tease apart here, and, yes, there is certainly more nuance to it then “vaccines are safe and effective and anyone who thinks they were hurt by it is wrong”.

    I’m now working with a TMS coach and reading Joe Dispenza’s work. Def seems to be decreasing the panic and pain simultaneously.
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  7. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Look up "mass psychogenic illness" and choose any one of a gazillion references. Such as this one: What Is Mass Psychogenic Illness? | AAFP
    in which one of the FAQs is "Does this mean that the sickness is “all in my head”? (which is also a FAQ of TMS - and as we already know, the answer is No).
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  8. JohnnyWindtunnel

    JohnnyWindtunnel New Member

  9. Thedales2001

    Thedales2001 Newcomer

    Joe Dispenza's story is pretty amazing. Have you seen the Heal Documentary? It really inspired me and gave me hope that I can heal from the chronic pain I've been dealing with for over a year. I just ordered a few of Dr. Sarno's books too and eager to do the work necessary to live pain free. I pray that you get to that day when you feel normal again! I attribute my chronic pain to the stress caused by the last several years. I'm pretty angry about a lot of things and need to get that anger out of my body. I wish you many blessings on your healing journey.
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  10. Booble

    Booble Well known member

    Interesting. I view it the opposite that in my mind OF COURSE everyone would be experiencing identical symptoms if it was psychologically induced. Especially as everyone is reading the same forums.

    I'm glad you've been getting some relief JohnnyW.

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