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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by JJJetplane, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. JJJetplane

    JJJetplane Newcomer

    Hi! So today marks the 1 year anniversary of my initial "neck sprain" injury. I recovered decently within a few weeks and then I decided to push it and ended with the pain getting worse and then dealing with 24/7 head pressure/tension and tingling. Initially it was there all day every day but as of now, thankfully, it is still everyday but not ALL day. I had gone to my GP multiple times because my only thought was that it was a brain tumor but she just told me muscles were like rocks and and those muscles are all connected over my scalp. So the tightness/tingling was connected to tight muscles ant stress/anxiety/tension. After these visits I would always feel better, I'm guessing because I relaxed some and had a professional reassure me that I was okay. After a few days though it would be business as usual. I went to an orthopedist and had x-rays which showed I had minor arthritis in my neck but nothing severe or serious. Pre-Covid i was getting weekly massages, acupuncture and meditating like a beast but nothing really makes it go away. After countless searches for brain tumor symptoms everything seems to come back with general muscle tension and chronic tension headaches. I'm now starting to really with my whole heart accept my diagnosis and move forward and I'm hoping this program helps. I just ordered The mind body prescription and I can't wait to jump into it! Thanks for reading!
  2. DeweyHealing

    DeweyHealing Newcomer

    Thank you for commenting on my story last week and good luck! I cant wait to drop to my knees and ball my eyes out once i am free again! As a 33 year old man who isnt suppose to cry, i dont care because thats a myth. But the tears will be joy no longer sadness. How are you feeling on day 5? I felt a little better yesterday and i know its not a linear recovery.... the brain is sinply trying to fight back to be in the state it has been in so long. I also read.mindbody prescription it was very good and a lot of the guidance relates to the material in SEP which is awesone. Warm wishes and recovery,

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