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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by karenesin, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. karenesin

    karenesin Newcomer

    I have had pain in my lower right abdomen for close to 10 months now. Imaging has discovered benign cysts, lesions, and even a renal mass on my right kidney, but nothing that explains the pain. After having my gallbladder removed, I was hopeful that the pain would subside. It came back within days after the surgery. The pain is unrelated to my renal mass and am now thinking it was my brains way of getting me to focus on this area. The doctor said that there is an 85% chance that this mass could turn malignant. I will get the mass removed as it was caught very early (stage IA).
    I am ready to explore the unconscious side of my brain and release the rage/emotions that I truly feel is the cause of this pain as well as allergies, tendonitis, and neck pain.
  2. Electric_Boutique

    Electric_Boutique New Member

    HI! Good for you. That sounds so scary and I'm praying for your speedy recovery with support from your family and this forum. Lately i've been thinking that support groups are MY answer to so much of my emotional issues. The caring and concern we're able to give to each other is so valuable to me. I always hear what I need to when I'm confused or freaking out. I cannot and do not feel safe turning to my family with my issues. In my case it takes awhile for my pain to subside but it does subside. Last year I joined a symphony- it was a huge break for me in my musicianship to get to jump to that level. Well, I threw my back out stressing over it- and created a tension pain in my shoulders cause I was literally tensing the shoulders for 3 hours during rehearsals WITH NO CLUE I WAS DOING IT. That same tension has showed up during yoga class so bad that sometimes I couldn't raise my arms! Well, i'm happy to report after about a year (and 10 days into this SEP) that that shoulder pain during yoga is 80% gone - and hopefully on its way out for good, and not to return. Thanks for reaching out.

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