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Day 1 Day 1: Wrestling with Migraines/ dizzyness & anxiety

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by wrestlingfanforever, Jul 9, 2021.

  1. wrestlingfanforever

    wrestlingfanforever Peer Supporter

    So, day 1. Hi all.

    Here's where i am. I feel a lot better than i did just a few months ago. I had back working out at the gym. i am back going for jogs- im doing more running than i even did before. I am actually back to doing most of what i was doing before now that i think about it.I have made so much progress with this- especially after reading Alan Gordon's TMS Daily Recovery Program.
    But i feel stuck. I know that i just need to keep going.

    Here's the jist of my story.

    I am a professional wrestler, wrestling on the independent circuit (where you wrestle before you get signed to wwe). NOTE* Due to the pandemic, everything stopped & things arent back to normal yet.

    In 2018-2020 I recieved many concussions within a short time period. I continued wrestling with them because i felt pressured to 'put in the work' to achieve my dream. Yet everytime, i was scared to get back in the ring. In my last match before the pandemic, id got hurt again. Migraines, dizzyness, anxiety, depression were a part of my daily life- yet no one could tell. Concussions were in vogue- everyone seemed to be getting concussed these days- as if they were contagious. Yet on the independent circuit, no one really took them seriously or believed anyone saying they were concussed.

    During the pandemic i read sarno's books & in 10 pages i was cured! CURED. 100% ALL of my symptoms GONE for the first time in 2 years. I could not believe it. It was like i had awoken up from a deep sleep. Like i had narrowly escaped something fatal. my brain WASN'T injured. IT WAS OKAY. IT WAS NORMAL. IT WAS HEALTHY. I AM OKAY. THERE WAS NO LIMITS ON MY DREAM OR MY FUTURE. I had my power back. I knew id be ready to return to the ring when the world opened up & live my BEST life.

    I also couldnt help but feel traumatised. Like how close i was to being 'doomed'. How scared i had been for the last 2 years. How i'd think about my head during EVERY little thing i did. What if i hadnt found this book? BUT Thank God i did right?! I had seen the light and my pain was GONE and THAT was the miracle relief i had been praying for.

    A week later, my dad had a heart attack and this brought all my concussion symptoms back (migraines, head aches, dizzyness, fatigue) OUT OF NOWHERE. without even hitting my head.

    This week long recovery i had had in January 2021 tells me that this IS TMS. That i CAN heal from this. i hold onto this every time that inside voice tells me i'm doomed forever.

    I KNOW this can work for me, because it has done so SO many times in the past.

    Years ago, i had eliminated MONTHS of debilitating lower back pain with Sarno's Healing back pain book. Back pain really is a thing of the past that never worries me at ALL anymore. I had been told i'd had a 'twisted pelvis, herniated disk, degeneration' and that my glutes and hamstrings were always 'turned on'. The diagnosis terrified me and made me wonder if i could ever return to wrestling. BUT I DID. & thrived. I did the best work of my career after that.

    There's a fear of 'how will i wrestle without getting my head hurt'. What if this happens again? What if it's permanent? I was even scared to just type that last question.

    At the same time, I KNOW these concussions symptoms/ migraines/ anxiety etc are all the TMS Symptom imperative. This approach has already worked for me before & it is going to work for me AGAIN.

    Thanks for reading. Sorry if i wrote so much.

    I am so glad i found this TMS Wiki & i cant wait to move forwards and claim my life back.

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