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Day 1 Day 1: hopefully..

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by daniellenetherlands, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. My name is Danielle from the Netherlands.. practising my english;)
    I'm in chronic pain since I was 20 (now 33 years old). It all started with an accident: a head roll backwards; I heard a vary scary "click' and couldn't keep my head upfight from that day. As you all: I tried every therapy. My diagnosis is fibromyalgia and a herniated disc C6-C7. I also have idiopatic neuropathy in the right part of my scalp. The pain is disabling: I stopped working as a speech pathologist and feel angry and frightenend at te same time.
    Hope to get my life back and enjoy the good thing: my husband and son (3 years old). But I'm so scared it won't get better and my pain is too bad to cure.
    At the same time: I have hope, since I read healing backpain and some testimonials.. I recognize myself in the description of perfectionistic, a little bit obsessed, I always try to be friendly altough I'm in pain and don't want people to think I'm weak.
    I wish you all the best and hope we'll get better soon and enjoying our lifes!

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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Welcome to the forum, Danielle - we're glad you found us!

    Five years ago when I discovered Dr. Sarno and this forum, we only had the SEP, so I've never done the other program, which was generously donated to our forum by Alan Gordon, LCSW - you can find it here: http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/TMS_Recovery_Program (TMS Recovery Program)

    It's less structured than the SEP, and shorter. The SEP will introduce you to all kinds of different techniques and exercises - you'll find ones that work for you better than others, because no two people are the same, the ways we manifest TMS are different, and the ways we heal are different. You could probably start with the SEP, and move on to Alan's program after a while if you like, then go back to the SEP or not - there are no hard and fast rules!

    Good luck to you, and keep us posted! Your English is excellent :)
  3. thanks a lot for your comment! I'll start with the SEP! Very curious and a also very anxious to take a look inside...

    Kind regards
  4. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Danielle. Doctor Gordon's TMS healing program is also very good, but why not take the SEProgram first?
    I think you mainly need to convince yourself that you pain is from TMS, your emotions. I think that accident 13 years ago did not cause your years of pain to start. It was from something emotional that happened about that time and you need to journal to discover what it was and still is there, repressed inside you.

    Good luck on this amazing journey of discovery, and hope you have a wonderful holiday (think happy and the pain can be driven away).
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  5. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Danielle!

    I'm also starting out here on the TMS programs and mindset, doing both the SEP and Recovery Programs. As a speech pathologist i'm sure you have the traditional medical model in mind which makes it harder to accept the TMS diagnosis. I'm working through it myself, as a physical therapist. Like you, my pain started (low back) when I was about 17, I attributed it to a dance injury. Also like you, i'm temporarily on leave from work for a couple months due to a back "flare up" (Really a TMS flare up as I now know!).

    I definitely identify with the TMS personality as well...a little perfectionist, good-ist and want to be liked even if i'm uncomfortable or in pain (especially at work), high achieving etc. Keep on having hope and working through the thought processes and programs, i'm with you!

    Happy holidays :)
  6. Hi MindBodyPT!
    Thanks for your comment! You're right. It's very difficult to get out of my head...my husband is a physician (dentist-periodontologist) and works a a researcher, so all we talk about is: how can something that "simple" (I realize now, it isn't that simple) work for me? Can we find a good RCT about that?;) I always fear for a placebo effect, and am very sceptical about almost every therapy..
    I wish you all the best and hope you get better soon!
    Hope you'll have a very good holiday and perseverance on your way to a painfree life!:)
  7. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes I totally understand! My husband and I are both very scientifically minded and it can be very tempting to worry that the TMS theory works just as a placebo or that there isn't enough evidence...however it really puts a lot of things together that I have always wondered about and seems to have worked permanently for thousands of people. I can't say that about any other PT or medical treatment for chronic pain. I'd be happy to chat further with you as we go through this process!

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