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Day 1 - ear pain

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by guacamole2, Aug 9, 2023.

  1. guacamole2

    guacamole2 Newcomer

    I suffer from slight hyperacusis and feeling of ear fullness due to acoustic shock. I've already taken medication time ago - now my audiogram and tympanometry shows no signs of ears being broken - but the pain persisted. I've read some scientific articles about the complications from acoustic trauma that are simply neurological, and many of symptoms describe me. The Structured Educational Program has given me so much hope at this point. I accept that I have TMS, and so I believe this method will help me eventually. Take care!
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  2. guacamole2

    guacamole2 Newcomer

    Update 7th September 2023 - Day 8 of SEP
    I've made a huge break from going thru my educational program, because i was on holiday, but I've made a huge progress! I've even been on music concert (with earplugs for now), and I slowly start to live normally.
    I realised one more thing - in June I developed wrist pain, probably carpal tunnel syndrome, or RSI. I thought for a while that maybe it is also caused by TMS? I was right. From a week on a educational program, I've finally played my instrument (accordion) and even played small recital with my band (we had a break on holiday) whitout much pain, I am so grateful for that! Didn't know that it is possible. Of course it is still work in progress, so I will post an update if something changes. Take care!

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