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Day 1 - chronic RSI in hands, arms, shins

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by mellowrider, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. mellowrider

    mellowrider Newcomer

    About a month ago I read John Sarno's book: The Mindbody Prescription and David Schlechter's book: Think away your pain. I recognized myself in a lot of it and I scored high on Schlecter's "Do you have TMS?"-questionnaire.

    I have had RSI in both hands since july last year. I don't know the exact date since, because as far as I know there wasn't anything physical or psychological that triggered it. I just got this pain in my hands that wouldn't go away. It hurts more if I put any kind of pressure on them (push ups, etc). So I started jogging a lot instead and in October or so (still last year), I got shin splints. I have tried everything: several doctors, massage therapists, drugs, acupuncture, alternative exercises, etc, but nothing works. Now it hurts in my shins if I just stand for too long. Finally in December my underarms started hurting after using my cellphone for too long. So now I got inflammation/RSI in my hands, shins and arms.

    I am very conscientious and have a tendency to repress my feelings. Even though I'm aware of this and have read about TMS I haven't noticed a big change in my RSI. I want to believe that it is TMS, but for me it hasn't been a "miracle cure" as it maybe has been for other people. I've tried doing things as normal, but I still feel pain i all the spots. I've noticed though that the pain in my underarms move around a lot and that the pain in general intensifies if I'm stressed out and worrying about it. If I get enough rest it feels a little bit better for a while. It's difficult not to obsess about the pain.

  2. rcguy1982

    rcguy1982 New Member

    Barry, when reading your entry, I see most definitely see myself. I have hand issues as well as RSI. I too have been to many doctors and specialists as well. I just started the SEP (Structured Education Program) about a week and a half ago and have already noticed some results. I have also read MBP, as well as Healing Back Pain and Divided Bind. Keep with it!! I find that journaling has been helping me, but also keep in mind that it may not necessarily be one specific event that triggered your TMS, but rather, personality traits that are consistent with TMS. I find that although journaling has helped, it also helped that I sought out a TMS doctor in my area. Also, being aware of the TMS personality traits, I am trying to "give myself a break" and not be so hard on myself.

    I agree that it is very challenging not to obsess over the pain. For the first few day after reading MBP, I suffered greatly with this one. The pain was all I would think of. I kept reminding myself; there is nothing structurally wrong with me, I am safe, and the pain is just a distraction. Do I still get pain, Yes, but I am trying not to obsess it. I am also trying not to limit anything that I do because of my hands.

    Best of luck on your journey.

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  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Perfectionism definitely causes TMS. Dr. Sarno says it and "goodism" often cause TMS more than repressed emotions,
    but they are part of our repressed emotions. The three really do go together.

    The SEP program is great for helping us to discover why we are in pain, what emotions we are repressing.

    If you watch tv, which I rarely do because it is just mainly stupid and bad news, most of the commercials are about
    products to heal back and other pain. B.S. They don't work. TMS works. Our pain comes from our emotions, which
    even the ancient philosophers and doctors came to realize.

    There's another back ache commercial on now, for a hospital claiming to help suffers. If you believe television commercials,
    you will hurt.

    Try not to obsess about pain. Accept it, work on those personality traits, modify them if even just gradually, and
    practice deep breathing and laughing. I laugh my worries away.

    Don't than half an hour on the SEP daily activities. Spend as much of the rest of your day and evening doing things
    or just thinking about things that make you happy.
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  4. mellowrider

    mellowrider Newcomer

    Thanks for you input guys. I'm now on day 8 and I am making some progress. Today I did push ups for the first time in months and I didn't feel pain in my hands afterwards. Yay!

    I try to not be so hard on myself, and not always do things I feel I must do (pressure thoughts). It's okay to just relax and have some fun. Sometimes in this past weeks I have forgot about the pain (maybe just for a few minutes at a time, but still). When I notice that I don't feel pain, it immediatley comes back. I think i's related to anxiety about never getting completely rid of the pain. It helps to journal and so far I like the structural edicational program.
  5. AndyG.

    AndyG. New Member

    Great to hear you're making progress. I think you're right about the anxiety. It's a circle really. You have the anxiety because of the pain and the pain persists because of the anxiety, right?
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  6. rcguy1982

    rcguy1982 New Member


    Great to hear that you are making progress! It takes small steps. Great that you like the Structured Educational Program; I find it helpful as well.
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