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Day 1: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Many Equivalents

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Wecanovercome, Sep 28, 2021.

  1. Wecanovercome

    Wecanovercome New Member

    Good day Everyone,

    My name is Nick. I’m 28 years old and have struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other chronic symptoms since early February of 2018, so almost 4 years now. My symptoms kicked off after a series of stressful events: I ended an engagement, partied and drank too much with little sleep while working out vigorously and playing sports and working at the same time, I then got fired from work, has to move back in with my parents, compared myself to my friends who seemed so much further in life than me, got depressed and anxious, started a new , even more stressful job and then my health really took a dive....

    Here is a short list of my symptoms:

    Chronic headaches/migraines
    Unrefreshing sleep
    “Heavy Limbs”, especially legs
    Brain fog that is at times severe
    Fast heart rate
    Chest pain
    “Wired But Tired”
    Intolerance to certain foods
    Intolerance to alcohol
    Intolerance to “stress of any kind”
    Being overly self-critical
    Being worried about what others may think
    Worried about making others happy
    Having an overall negative outlook

    I have fully accepted the TMS diagnosis for the following reasons:

    1. The symptoms are extremely varied and severe. They move around frequently and intensify or damper down with perceived stressors.

    2. I have made significant improvements to my health on two separate occasions and they came when I was not working.

    3. I had previously been healthy and the symptoms came on quick.

    4. No blood work, imaging, or diagnostics have been able to provide a structural reason for my symptoms.

    5. I went on a stretch from July- September in 2019 where my symptoms reduced approximately 90-95% thanks to my discovering of Dr. Sarno’s work. The symptoms returned when I went back to work. The same techniques wouldn’t work this time.

    6. I have repressed rage. At the moment, I’m so fucking mad that no one really gets what it’s like to be in my shoes. I still work, I even exercise and lift weights but I suffer tremendously every day at the moment. I am at a severe disadvantage in my work and social life and I wish I could tell everyone, even the people who love me at times, to just fuck off.

    7. (Kind of echoing number 4) There are really no structural Illnesses that would do this to a otherwise healthy (I look like somewhat of a bodybuilder because I still am able to keep up with fitness somewhat and I had a good base before I got sick) 28 year old. If it was a structural Illness, I would be fucking dead at this point.

    Anyways. I’m getting away from other explanations. I am choosing to follow the TMS protocol once again. If anyone reads this, please wish me luck.

    Thank you,

  2. BK ATL

    BK ATL Newcomer

    Good luck, Nick. I'm day one also having come across this program 10 years ago and not accepting it. I'm ready now! I have accepted that I need help from a professional in regards to unraveling all my issues (anxiety, self judgement, anger, etc...). I'm looking for the right fit now. I will let you know how that search goes and if it helps. There is a stigma to seeing a therapist, but I don't give a shit anymore and know i need help.
  3. Wecanovercome

    Wecanovercome New Member

    Let’s tackle this! Day 2 today let’s go!

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