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Daily tension headache

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by palaab, Feb 6, 2022.

  1. palaab

    palaab New Member

    I can't remember exactly when my journey of chronic pain started but it's probably around my mid 20s back in 2006-2007. It started with a left neck and left wrist pain which never went away. I probably spent a year of therapy and pain management but never took any medication for it. After a year I just got used to it and moved on with my life. I just occasionally crack my neck and wrist to get relief when it bothers me. Never stopped me to become an engineer as well as live my life to the fullest. Then 2014 came, I started training for my second marathon when my lower back and right neck (lucky me both sides of the neck) started hurting. Again after a year of medical check ups and physical therapy, I got used to it and moved on again. Again never took any medication for all those chronic pain. I just accepted it as part of my life. Doctors never really found anything. I did have a traumatic car accident when I was in highschool which I figured caused all my chronic pain.

    And come July '21, I have a very demanding job (which I love and enjoy) and that was the case for three weeks leading up to the headache. My family wanted to take a vacation after my crazy work schedule but I was hesitant at first because of coronavirus, taking the vaccine, and tons of work that I needed to finish. But that Sunday morning, I decided to book vacation. As soon as I entered to purchase the vacation it triggered a sharp pain in my forehead. Didn't think anything about it then but I decided to get tested for covid just to be safe or thought I was just fatigued due to work. I also have been working out everyday for about 100 days so I thought that could also be the culprit of the headache. Covid test came back negative and so I decided to get the first shot of the vaccine two days after the headache started just to be safe.

    I don't want to bore you with all the details but it's been the hardest 6+ months of my life (including canceling our vacation). After two weeks of the daily headache, I started developing so many physical symptoms/anxiety symptoms, and insomnia. Most of the other physical symptoms are gone now except for the 24/7 everyday tension/pressure type headache, sometimes I get really anxious, random heartburn, and random earache. I have been to a lot of doctors since then and all the tests came back negative including blood test, CAT scan, MRI and endoscopy. I never really had a headache or anxiety prior to this.

    Then two weeks ago someone recommended "The way out" by Alan Gordon which I listened to everyday and started practicing to approach chronic pain. I also signed up with Curable and started listening to Dr. Sarno's mindbody prescription.

    I know I have to be patient but what else can I do to help my recovery. I used to be able to live my life normally with chronic pain but the headache has been my kryptonite.

    I really appreciate any help and guidance. It's been really hard and tough for my family.
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  2. Matthewa100

    Matthewa100 New Member

    Hi Paalab,

    I had basically what you had for over 3 years. Back then it was labelled as 'NDPH." and basically incurable.

    The good news after multiple treatments including injecting stems cells in my neck etc is I discovered the work of Dr Sarno.

    I fully recovered within a month.

    If you can dedicate time / blood / sweat & tears then I believe you can turn the corner like I did.

    All the best,

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  3. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I 100% agree with what @Matthewa100 says. I am going to say something that you may find unacceptable to you, but a very important part of my recovery from various types of chronic pain, including chronic frequent migraines, was learning how to slow down and stop pushing myself hard. You need to learn how to be compassionate to yourself (not to be confused with being lazy!) and mindful of how you go about your life. You would be surprised to discover that you actually do at least as much by slowing down and not being set back by pain. Start to meditate. It was meditation and mindfulness that set me pain-free and changed my life. I still have occasional bouts of pain, but they never last more than few hours and don't stop me in my tracks like it was before discovering Dr. Sarno.
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  4. ClintK

    ClintK New Member

    Good thread

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