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Day 1 Curing "plantar fasciitis"

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by louie_louie, May 26, 2014.

  1. louie_louie

    louie_louie New Member


    My name is Lovisa and I'm from Sweden (If my english gets weird, it's because of that). I'm happy I've finally found information about TMS and registered on this forum.

    I've had pain in my feet for about 8 months now (Plantar fasciitis according to my GP and a physiotherapist) , and despite trying all sorts of methods (stretching, massage, pills, acupuncture, expensive orthotics, shock wave therapy...) it has gradually just got worse and worse. For a few weeks ago I started using crutches when I had to walk longer distances. I assumed it would help, since the pain got worse after I'd been standing up or walking (It didn't help...).

    I just came home from a 5-day intensive programme in MBSR. We spent a lot of time meditating, and I noticed how much my body started to ache when I was meditating in an anxious state. This made me wonder if there could be a link between the pain in my feet and my mental health. After some googling I found information about TMS, and it all made sense to me.

    I'm a typical "TMS-personality", and most of the health issues that I have or have had are psychosomatic: shoulder pain, cronic cough, eczema, vulvodynia, gastritis, constant throat pain (apparently it was caused by tense shoulders..). I've also had yearly depressions for the last ten years, and right now I've been off my university studies for a year because of burnout syndrome.

    I'm on the waiting list to see a orthopedist (a long waiting list unfortunately), and before I've been there I'm not a 100% sure that it's not caused by physical damage. However, I find it extremely unlikely. Especially since the pain is moving around, but is always located in the same place in both feet. Also, the pain has decreased radically since I followed the instructions and started to walk normally three days ago.

    I'm looking forward to the day when I can dance again! Hopefully it will be soon. :)
  2. mominm

    mominm New Member

    Welcome. I'm new as well and am trying to work with my newest MBS (MindBody Syndrome) symptom, chronic headaches. I'm a 40ish year old mother in the US. Plantar fasciitis was one of my many MBS symptoms, others from my past have included pelvic pain syndrome (including vulvodynia), and IBS, which have gone away unless I'm not on top of my stress. Just wanted to let you know that it took about a year, but the plantar fasciitis disappeared. In fact, I hardly noticed when it passed, just sort of noted one day that it was gone, and it was only later that I figured out it was a MBS symptom. It can go away! Again, welcome.
  3. thinbuilder

    thinbuilder New Member

    i was previous plantar sufferer..i tried all sorts of treatment..and after 4 years.it healed it self. i was able to jog, go shopping malls for 4 hours continuosly and all that...in between the 4 years i got upper back prob with arm prob..cant type keyboard n other stuff..it healed in around 1 year.
    then almost one year back. i had lower back prob with sciatica...i was freaked out a little because i tot it was caused by the same degenerative disc disease i have in my upper spine..i got my whole spine MRI.. nothing wrong

    just a little disc bulge on L4L5. i m a medical field professional. actually i m a dentist. n i had read from internet that many ppl without symptoms have disc bulge, suggesting that disc bulge dont cause symptoms, its truly normal abnormalities.. n then i discovered TMS when i was searching for RSI in google.

    now i have entered day 3 of my TMS treatment..i wrote journal n recall all my trauma n past feelings, and then i developed headache..

    i hope these all will pass soon.

    p/s: if u believe totally its all TMS>. u will get healed very soon
  4. louie_louie

    louie_louie New Member

    Just want to say that I've got MUCH better since I wrote here last time. Now I'm dancing, walking, running (only short distances though)... I started a bit careful the first weeks (wanted to gradually build up the muscles in the feet), but now I'm back at the activity level I had before the pain started to limit me. It's awesome and I'm so much happier now! To be honest I haven't been following the program, but I felt quite convinced from the start anyway. I study to become a psychologist and know quite a bit about how the mind affects the body. I've also been meditating every day. Yesterday my feet started to hurt again, and today I can feel it as well. The difference now is that it doesn't make me frustrated and depressed, I just let the pain be there, and eventually it disappears.

    Thank you for your support!
  5. thinbuilder

    thinbuilder New Member

    dear @louie_louie
    for two weeks plus, i m totally pain free from my sciatica and low back pain. i din follow the structured education program of course,i did it until day 8 only, because i feel its stupid to dig through ur past. i m doing something called as mindfullness, popularized by Jon Kabat Zinn. u can google him up. the concept is to be present at PRESENT!

    keep practising, and stay in touch :)
  6. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Mindfulness, being in the present is very important.

    The Australian Olympic gold medal swimmer Murray Rose, a hero of mine, said that he
    kept his mind on the present moment when he swarm and won those medals.
    He just told his mind he was in the pool swimming.

    I did find journaling into my childhood helpful in healing my back pain.
    We learn a lot about ourselves and others in journaling.
  7. thinbuilder

    thinbuilder New Member

    walt, u r right. journaling is still important. which i continue to journal again, in my tumblr. thanks walt.
  8. thinbuilder

    thinbuilder New Member

    i remembered when i was 17,i injured my sole. i told myself, and my parents and family told myself, not to do anything over your limit.

    i felt guilt for trying too hard that time, i blamed myself for trying too hard. and i developed chronic pain on my soles. mimicking plantar faciitis. so, since then, i never wanna do any sports over my limit. cuz i have that phobia, of injuring myself or re-injuring my old spot.

    and then i trained hard on my 24, wanting to climb a high mountain. because of final exam stress. i din train at all while my partner keep giving me pressure asking me to train hard.

    and after my final exam. i have 2 days of training. i trained hard, running uphills and setting maximum inclination at gym . i did over my limit, cuz i know the mountain is high, and i have to do it over my limit.

    so, i did, and i was fooled by my unconscious mind. that if i do anything over my limit, my unconscious will try to protect me from doing it, hence giving me pain.

    when i was on my flight to the mountain, my pain got worse, and become frozen, i literally couldn’t walk. and i gave up on the mountain, waiting for my fren to reach the peak and come down to c me.

    so, i got better almost within a day. n within 2 days, i can walk, go snorkelling and do anything without pain.

    but after that, i came back to my college place, i played some football with friends, and then, ALAS, i got a recurrence. its really bad.

    as you can see. my pain, is triggered when i did something vigorous, when i did something over my limit. my subconscious tried to protect me from harm, cuz deep down, i had planted a seed in my subconscious, that if i do anything OVER MY LIMIT , i get pain.that i should always “DO ANY ACTIVITY WITHIN MY LIMIT TO PREVENT INJURY”

    i felt sorry for myself now because of i planted that seed.

    now , i either wanna plant another seed to counter it, or simply to remove that seed.

    follow my tumblr mindfuladdict.tumblr.com

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