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Coping with family members/friends with physical beliefs?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by saturn_nights, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. saturn_nights

    saturn_nights New Member

    For the past couple of months, my mother has been overly conscious of my reoccuring skin problem. A rash on my hands has come and gone since shortly after starting my TMS treatment in February/March last year. It was quite patchy and would itch, but it has gotten far better ever since I identified it as TMS.

    The area of skin is still a little dry. But its recently been getting quite intrusive going about my every day life, as my mother will force me to moisturize my skin several times a day. I never found moisturizer to be a cure. Every time my skin did clear up while using it, it would immediately break out again. We've gone through about 5 or 6 different products now with similar results.

    My mother is not interested in hearing what I think is causing the problem. She used to work as a nurse many years ago, which would explain her beliefs. In the past, she has also been quite confrontational about other problems I used to have that I know are TMS. These include RSI and headaches.

    Has anyone else been in a situation like this? I've been quite confident in my diagnosises, but I fear my symptoms will come right back if this continues.
  2. saturn_nights

    saturn_nights New Member

    I've thought about this more. My strategy going forward will involve continuing to do what I feel is right and not committing to what other family members want. There are times where they won't chase me up about my skin, such as if its been looking really good for several consecutive days.

    If anyone else on here is in this situation, I advise you slowly build up confidence for what is truly causing your TMS symptoms. Documenting evidence of this will really pay off in the long term.

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