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Confused, help?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by everlong, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. everlong

    everlong New Member

    Hello everyone! okay long story short (even though it will be pretty long) i am a 20 year old girl, last October 2014 i started a new job in retail which basically meant me standing up all day, it was only during the weekends as i am a student however i also started university in September too and was in a whole new city and different environment to what i was use too.

    anyway my legs started to feel tired at the end of a 8 hour shift which i guess is completely normal right? but then after a few weeks i started to develop pain on a friday this then carried on till saturday and sunday, this pain was in my right leg and went straight down like sciatica except not shooting tingling or anything, i use to limp my way into work BUT the most bizarre thing is that on monday-thurday i was perfectly fine, i could run jump do anything but come friday i was crippled, now this went on for months and months and i was just confused, i was going to see my doctor about it but didn't know how to tell her that the pain only came on the weekend (i thought i sounded mad and my mum laughed when i told her).

    so over the winter i always get vitamin D deficiency (i do take tablets for it) and i started getting pain in other parts of my body (ribs, chest, hands feet) and i didn't know what it was, i also have anxiety mainly health anxiety so this didn't help either i was quite stressed out and didn't know what to do and felt anxious constantly felt like sh*t. one weekend my pain was really bad (in february) but by monday it was okay however when i woke up on tuesday morning it was there!!! i thought it would just go but it didn't.

    i thought by this time it was time to see my doctor, i went to see her explained that it started with work and i thought it was a slipped disc or sciatica she did some tests (straight leg raise) and said it was wasn't gave me some cocodamol and said take this and it should go away, the codeine and some ibroprfen gel helped but it didn't eliminate the pain.

    the pain was so bad that i couldn't get into bed and out of bed, into the shower walk, even when i coughed and sneezed it still hurt!! couldn't bend sleep anything! i was crying everyday because i didn't know what the cause was and couldn't get on with my life.

    wow this is long, sorry! so anyway days weeks passed i was in agony looking up stupid things on the internet, thinking i had a blood clot, aneusysm, ALS, all sorts, the pain gradually got better but by probably 60%.

    its June now and the pain is slightly there, i have been seeing a physiotherapist for it, i came across sarnos books a few weeks ago whilst browsing the internet for hope, i believe what he says but it just doesnt sink in to my head, it feels too good to be true, could anyone please help me and give me an idea of what this pain might be oh and also i get the typical TMS pain, piriformis, shoulder, TMJ wrist and knee but there on and off.

  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, everlong. I'm sorry you have pain, but it looks like it is not structural but from TMS,
    some emotional stresses. You have a lot on your plate, with studying at a university and working weekends.
    There may be some other issues... repressed emotions and/or a perfectionist or goodist personality,
    wanting to be perfect as a student and a person, and wanting to be liked by everyone for everything.
    These are all typical causes of TMS pain symptoms.

    Since you have not felt pain on most weekdays, that sure means to me that your pains are not structural
    but psychological. Don't let that throw you. Watch the videos on this web site and on YouTube that are about TMS and healing.
    They will give you a lot of encouragement to believe in TMS.

    If you haven't started it yet, I urge you to begin the Structured Educational Program which is free in the subforum on this
    web site. It will take you through short daily activities in the form of "thinking steps" that will help you to discover
    the emotional causes of your pain.

    You are not alone. You are in a very big boat of people all over the world whose pain is not caused by anything
    structural. The program has helped them to discover the emotional reasons for their pain and healed them.

    Do not be discouraged. You have become a member of a very caring community of people of all ages
    all over the world who are helping each other to heal and become healthier and happier than they ever dreamed.
  3. everlong

    everlong New Member

    Thankyou so much for your advice Walk Oleksy i will take it on board, and yes your are right i have the TMS personality traits i have OCD so i always want things to be perfect, i try too hard to be the best at everything and i am very compettive, but thank you for your encouragement.
  4. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Everlong,
    It sounds like you have TMS to me, and you recognize many of the signs. Dr. Sarno's method does work, and you are welcome to this group of people who have all been through it. Good journey!! Read some success stories, and ease your mind that yes, this is your answer.
    Andy B.

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