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Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Jojo B, Aug 12, 2023.

  1. Jojo B

    Jojo B Newcomer

    As per the instructions in the Structured Educational Program, I am posting on how my first week went. I love learning about TMS. I love the success stories, the articles, the videos, the learning experience in general. This program is so inspiring and helpful. On the one hand, I'm convinced I suffer from TMS because since the age of 30, I ALWAYS fixate on some medical issue that worries me to no end even though I'm basically healthy. I'm 62 now and you would think I would be wiser. (I guess I'm not being kind to myself by saying that!) I have suffered from silent reflux for the past four years. Mucous in the throat, hoarseness and postnasal drip. These symptoms can lead to esophageal/larynx cancer if left unchecked. I am now following a low acid/low fat diet which after a month, has helped tremendously. My dilemma is that I have actual symptoms, but I think it's me creating them?? I'm not sure what I should be thinking anymore after doing one week of this Structured Educational Program which I love but feel conflicted about. I have actual symptoms but am I supposed to ignore them? Am I supposed to stop my low acid diet? I've tried but when I do, the symptoms come back. Do I have TMS? Aaaaaah!! I have to say that thanks to the Structured Educational Program, I have stopped worrying about my symptoms, which has had a very positive impact on my mental health.
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi again @Jojo B! This is a good update, and also an interesting, but also a normal, question!

    My advice is to give this all time. It takes a while to reprogram your brain's expectations and to achieve a new balance in your equanimity, otherwise known as your overall well-being and consistent experience of well-being. If that makes sense!

    As for the reflux itself, been there, done that; in fact I still have it when I'm stressed and/or not mindful of my breathing. I have been doing better at practicing deep therapeutic breathing regularly throughout the day, first thing when I wake up, and last thing at night, and I am finding that it's really helped a lot with that and other issues. Aging doesn't help, LOL! I started this work at age 60, 12 years ago, so I'm ahead of you. This work gave me back my life in 2011, and I'm in better shape now, at 72, than I was then.

    Regular meditation would be even better than breathing, but I have such a mental block against actually doing it (thank you, TMS brain :mad:) that I've decided to work first on the breathing, which can be done anytime and anywhere in only a few seconds. I highly recommend it! Just google therapeutic breathing vagus nerve to find all kinds of helpful resources.
  3. Jojo B

    Jojo B Newcomer

    Hi Beloved Grand Eagle,
    How can I thank you enough for your reply?! Talk about good advice and good timing. "My advice is to give this all time." This is the very thing I needed to hear, as I am normally a very impatient Type A person. Your kind words really resonated with me. I also have a mental block against meditation and so the therapeutic breathing you suggested seems like such a good idea for me. I've already found interesting resources and exercises which I am putting into practice as of today. I don't want to overthink this and don't want to do a crazy amount of research on the subject. I want to try and keep it simple and do one or two exercises three times a day. Thank you so much for your reply. You have no idea how much it helped. Geez, just knowing that you read my message helped! :) I also noticed that you are very present on this forum and your comments are so encouraging, helpful and appreciated, more than you can know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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  4. Jojo B

    Jojo B Newcomer

    I forgot to tag you @JanAtheCPA . Just wanted to make sure you saw my message. I'm new to this!
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