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Complex situation; any Hip pain people here?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by avik, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. avik

    avik Well known member

    Thanks in advance for reading this; apologies for the lengthy post:

    Lifelong TMSer here who has experienced literally every whacky equivalent/iteration under the sun.

    Thankfully I have rid myself of 95% percent of these ailments (along with the fear), over the past 5 or so.

    That said and, knowing how crafty TMS can get, I never put it past TMS to be the cause of, or at least the exacerbater (real word?) of many of my aches and pains.

    Low and behold I am in the gym there months ago and upon jumping off the pull-up machine (about a 6 inch fall so, more like a release from…)I land at a slight angle that gives me searing, indescribable pain in my right hip and IT band. No big deal…I walk it off and go about my routine.

    This pain however, stays with me for the next month or so. During this time I am naturally suspect of its origin as its mostly IT band pain, which is a TMS hot spot and an area that I have “dealt with” in the past.

    I then decide to go to a Dr who suggests an MRI.

    This is what the MRI shows:

    1. Slight tear in the Labrum

    2. Grade 4 chondromalacia (arthritis)

    3. Convex morphology of the femoral neck (bump in my bone)

    Went to a surgeon today who said “hes not sure exactly which of the above is causing my pain”. “Could be one, could be all”. Keep in mind this guy is one of the top people in NYU and was a real sweetheart who was trying not to pull me for surgery.

    So, although I do definitively have structural issues, the Doc said ive likely had them all for YEARS.

    He wants to start me with steroid injections and PRP therapy and if that doesn’t work, surgery to smooth out the bone and try and fix the tear.

    Isnt it possible that this could be TMS??

    The crux of my TMS was when I supposedly injured my neck (which again, happened very abruptly), had multiple disc herniations, and was told id never lift weights again or be completely free of pain, without surgery.

    Here I am 5 years later, in the gym 5 days a week and haven’t had a stitch of neck pain in almost a year and all because I swapped surgery for Sarno, journaling and lots of introspection J

    Along with the myriad of other major issues I have had that I have completely eliminated I can not only say I have a propensity for psychosomatic disorders but that that I am now rightfully suspect of any pain that comes out of left field.

    So my question: has anyone here had serious hip pains and experienced something similar to the above?
  2. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    My husband has had similar issues that you mentioned above, however it involved his shoulder. MRI shows tears, spurs and arthritis. He refused surgery and I am glad he did. I am convinced he has TMS but he is not on board with the whole idea. I only found out about TMS a few months ago myself and knowing how it all works, I now see a pattern of his shoulder pain coming and going, also moving to other areas of the body, etc.

    I did teach him how to Tap on the pain. Using FasterEFT (which interrupts the neural network sending the pain signal) and he is able to get the pain to shift quickly with that, but he wont try other TMS methods. He goes LONG periods 100% pain free, so I don't push the issue. So basically, his MRI shows similar issues to yours and yet he is Pain free in those areas.

    Knowing your history, I would be suspicious of TMS too. I suppose it would not hurt to treat it as TMS and see what happens.

    May I ask you what other TMS EQUIVALENTS you healed from???
  3. avik

    avik Well known member

    Oh Grateful...where to begin!

    Here is part of list that I have kept over the years. Keep in mind I was also diagnosed with an AutoImmune Disease based on my titer levels but that miraculously changed after going through my full TMS regimen. Alos, its important to note that most of these problems were chronic (albeit intermittently), over the course of roughly 20 years:

    1. Problems urinating (ten years straight)

    2. Ulcer (s)

    3. Sinus pressure, headaches (chronic)

    4. Neck /traps/shoulder pain (chronic)

    5. Tendinitis in both elbows/extensors/wrists (chronic-wore wrist braces for months)

    6. TMJ (clicking in ear with head movement)

    7. Swollen Parotid Glands (still have them; has lasted ten years now)

    8. Decaying teeth; root canals (likely the cause of #9)

    9. Chronic Post Nasal Drip; Tonsil Stones

    10. Disc Herniation

    11. Insomnia

    12. IBS-C

    13. Chronic Ear Ache; ringing in ears (sensitivity to sound, clicking in jaw; left side).

    14. Toe/ankle pain (couldnt walk for a month)

    15. Severe Leg weakness (motor function; delayed response to commands!)

    16. Tail Bone pain (couldn’t sit on anything but a pillow for 2 weeks)

    17. Hand and arm fatigue; pain and burning in thumb joints, top of hand and forearm muscles (both flexors and extensors)

    18. Burning sensation in both ankles and shins; mildly in hand and forearms as well (cannot wear socks or shoes; prevents me from sleeping)

    19. Heartburn, on and off, throughout

    20. Sciatica/Low Back Pain/Shooting pains down the side of the leg; numbness in buttocks (went away as soon as Sarno told me it was TMS on the phone)

    21. Fatigue-easily the worst equivalent. Entire body not reacting commands quickly enough…exhausting to use the remote control. Feels like a horrible flu that will not go away. Worst affected was my legs. Legs would either freeze while walking or simply weakness.

    22. Paresthesia/Neuralgia (burning skin)-couldn’t wear anything but shorts for over a week. Laying on a bed with soft cotton sheets was almost unbearable. Slept on the cool wooden floors of my apartment until I got it under control.

    23. Loss of hearing in left ear (magically came back after 2 days but freaked me out on the process. During those 2 days I went to get various tests from my ENT and Audiologist; of course, nothing found).

    24. “Spotted” eye sight (im not sure this is an equivalent but it certainly grabbed my attention for a month or so. I could not get rid of these black spots in my field of vision. Went through the full gambit of eye exams and nothing came up. Went away immediately after).

    25. Random Muscle numbness

    26. Raynauds symptoms (extreme coldness in limbs; hands and feet would change colors…coldness throughout my body {that would not go away in a burning hot shower} followed by “heat waves” that I could not cool down))

    27. Shoulder (supra-spinatus) pain

    28. Itching, with not itch! Sounds crazy but this wa sone of the most effective and annoying forms of TMS

    29. Autoimmune diagnosis (Sjogrens?; 6 months later proven negative)

    30. Fibromyalgia (BS!!!)
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  4. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    Wow Avik,
    I can relate to many of these Equivalents.
    Ok, you mentioned that you rid yourself of 95% of them over the last 5 years or so.
    THAT IS FANTASTIC. That has to give you confidence. I am still working on recovering from many things besides just pain also.

    Have you been able to determine if there is a psychological reason for your new TMS issue?
  5. avik

    avik Well known member

    For me my success has not come from identifying the underlying reasoning per se, but more about accepting my bodys desire to try and protect me from these thoughts.
    When I accept, the pain goes away.

    This issue has me a bit confused though as I clearly have some serious structural issues. Ultimately I think this thing will prove to be a combination of real issues, merely exacerbated by TMS.
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  6. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    I did hear Dr. Schecter (Sp?) say in an interview that it is possible to have both a structural issue and TMS at the same time. Tough call.
  7. mariano

    mariano Newcomer

    Hi @avik i read your post on another forum from 2010, i tough i was the only one who have or had cold problems sensibility like in my tights, feet, kness. hell i had those problem even with good temperature, or when running, just better slowly after running, Jean pants scared me i try to use more warms. I ve had also burning frightening pian in the whole body, first on feet and legs. I had done MRIs, EMGs, even a QST (who was positive) for the pains, for cold i did eco dopler blood test and nothing. I also had a tongue trauma with teeeth annoying problem. Doctos didnt help much
    Could really cold and burning pain in skin be a psychosomatic issue?? I dind familiariced with the TMS. Thanks in advance
  8. mariano

    mariano Newcomer

    yeah i had the same

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