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Derek S. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Discussion in 'Ask a TMS Therapist' started by Guest, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. pspa

    pspa Well known member

    Howard took a lot of grief for that article from the CFS community. I don't know which side is right, or if the truth lies in between, but there is zero common ground between people who view CFS as a phenomenon with psychogenic causation and a very militant group who insist that despite the failure to identify a pathogen or other physiological cause (or cure) after 30 years and many false hopes, the condition is physiological in nature.
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  2. Wavy Soul

    Wavy Soul Peer Supporter

    Derek: Are you Derek Sapico, under a slightly different handle?
    Well, I am the incarnation in a body and mind of a common ground between these two groups, and I can tell you it is extremely confusing. I have had manifestations of the CFS/TMS that, if I didn’t attend to at the level of symptoms, it would be like self-abuse. When I go into a feeling of wellness and energy, it’s easy to say “it was just TMS.” But, honestly, this is not like back pain. It is an all-systems crash. And the challenge of working your way out of this, in many cases and my case for YEARS, with no real support for this particular brand of TMS, can seem like believing in the tooth fairy when you are alone, unable to move for days, perfectly capable of processing your emotions and thoughts... Until you have walked in my shoes, judge not what is happening to me.

    And, again as I said in my last post, that is the issue here. The reason people with CFS are so enraged about anything that doesn’t validate them is that it makes us feel victimized, yet again, by being treated like lepers. There is so much emotional energy in this for me personally, as explained above. Being rejected and judged and basically ostracized because I had this... (what to call it? Not illness. Symptoms sounds a bit wimpy...) — well, talk about rage, whether conscious or unconscious! I’ve written on the other TMS Forum about how it was almost a relief when I got the C diagnosis, although it was no more or less emotionally caused than any of my fatigue experiences.

    And I am left, actually, with my own experience. I am responsible for my own ability to make it through life. Sometimes I have stuff go on in my body that I just have to get help with, and yet it is intricately woven into the group of symptoms lumped as CFS/TMS. In fact, when I had acute pneumonia earlier this year and nearly died, it seemed to be part of a continuum of symptoms, the other end of which was fatigue that a TMSer would say was just “created” by my brain. My honest current understanding is that all illness is TMS. And all TMS can respond, at times, to certain physical interventions. Sure, it will move around, and in the more “minor” symptoms of TMS, this is fairly obvious. Oops, the shoulder is stiff. Did such and such to alleviate it (bringing oxygen back to the cells, and so on). Oh no! Now the other shoulder is bad. I must have overused it...

    But when it is just the normal lifetime of various illnesses which everyone has, one of which will git ya, how do you distinguish? This one is real. This one is unreal.

    A concern I have, and have had to watch in myself, is that the levels of frustration from chronic and at times disabling problems can drive people to manifest more serious problems in order to get taken seriously. I wish there really were people with genuine recovery from decades of this kind of thing. I mean, I can count myself as one. I DO count myself as one. But I still have phases that are debilitating, despite doing everything “right.” Oops - outed my goodist self there. ;-)

    One more thing: there are no experts in TMS. It is more like a 12-Step Program: we are all bozos on the bus. People can sponsor other people, but only if they are recoverING addicts themselves. Anyone who presents themselves as having recoverED is probably using TMS to make a living. Oops. Again. Yes, messages of strength and hope, great.

    But I was recommended through various links on this site and ended up going to a therapist that I only discovered after traveling a long way to see him, had not actually suffered from TMS. He just knew “about it.”

    So there is a lot of potential for frustration and rage in this matter of resolving CFS and other more complex bodily manifestations in a TMS fashion. It is a work in progress. Let’s be kind.
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