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Chronic ache in testicles. TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by cirrusnarea, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member

    I apologize that this topic is kinda personal, but it is on topic and dealing with an important issue I've been working on. I really appreciate all the response to my last post.

    I have had chronic testicle pain since January. I have run the gamut of doctors and not a single thing has been found. I have found several people online with this issue and it seems to be classified as Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome/ Chronic Prostatitis. At the time being, it usually comes on after ejaculation, lasts a few days to a week and abates. To me this sounds like a conditioned response linked to ejaculation. I think it's important I bring up the subject because many people on the net I've found have this condition, yet I did a search and found few posts on the subject.

    In my last post, I brought up that I first had the pain in the testicles and then once I stopped being as concerned about it, a bad back pain came on. I'm certain I have TMS now. And am really seeing progress. I hope more men will visit this forum who are having this problem. Even though I post this as a question in the heading, I know it is TMS. I have all the symptoms of TMS and now the back pain really confirms it because as Sarno discovered, 95% of back pain is TMS. I had an Xray and there are no abnormalities. So I have TMS, and now I know the testicle pain is TMS. Once I am cured, I hope I can really get the message out there that this is TMS and all the prostate formulas and other "protocols" can only be placebos. Any other men out there on this forum suffering from this? It'd be cool to find a buddy on here with the same condition so we could compare notes.
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  2. scorsese

    scorsese New Member

    Cirrus i suggest u see a urologist to rule out any other problem it might be. I also suffer from CPPS
    due to a back injury. My symptoms are frequent urination and chronic groin adductor tightness with aching when it gets really tight.
  3. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member

    Hey Scorsese, thanks for your concern.

    I should have gone into a little more detail. I have seen three urologists, had a scrotal ultrasound, and a cystoscopy. Every test came back looking good. The urologists said there was nothing wrong, and nothing they could do. The last one gave me Flomax to take in case it was my frequent urination causing the pain. I stopped taking that once I realized I had TMS. It didn't help with the frequent urination anyway, and that makes sense because the urination is also a TMS issue. Flomax would only work as a placebo.

    In the books and websites I've been to for CPPS, genital ache is a common symptom. But not everyone with CPPS has pain in the testicles. For others its in the groin, or prostate area. It's often referred to as Chronic Prostatits as well by doctors who believe it is the prostate causing the pain.

    My advice to you before is to get those books and see if those treatments offered inside work for you. If not, then I would say you probably have TMS too. I forget, did you tell me if you had any other TMS symptoms? For me, it all came together when I realized I have had symptoms of TMS since I was 16. I had a bad LSD trip and had post traumatic stress disorder as a result. It took me about a year just to live a day without being in a high state of anxiety. Once I cooled down, the TMS symptoms started of IBS and frequent urination. After that it was bad neck pain. I had an Xray and then an MRI and my neck was fine. But the pain lasted several years and kept me from working. Once I got an office job, the neck pain could no longer scare me. So I started having chronic eye soreness. I thought it was from the computer screen. Since the testicle pain started this past January, I have not had the eye soreness. There's been nights I looked at the computer screen all night because I was too scared to sleep, and my eyes felt just fine. Once I started seeing the PT for the testicle pain, I stopped worrying about it and that's when my back pain started.

    So I see I have a history of TMS now, the PTSD was a big factor of bringing it on, as is my perfectionism and goodism. I have all the traits of a TMSer. I just have complete confidence it is TMS now.
  4. scorsese

    scorsese New Member

    Cirrus the pain in your pelvis/testicles is due to muscle tension in your pelvic floor that is referred from your back. I did the stretching exercises i found on youtube by the author of Heal Pelvic Pain and found a huge trigger point in my buttock that was referring pain to my groin, now the groin tightness is 80% gone. I will pick up the book soon at the library, i put it on hold. Thanks for the info on that book. I hope you find what is causing your problem.
  5. PeterO

    PeterO Peer Supporter

    Hi Cirrus.

    Not any expert on testicle pain but think you need to investigate
    the Stanford Protocol developed by urologist Rodney Anderson
    and psychologist David Wise, co-authors of the remarkable book
    called 'A Headache In The Pelvis.'

    The work has some overlay with TMS especially the psychological
    aspects, most notably the paradoxical relaxation method
    developed by David Wise. He believes pelvic pain is usually the
    expression of psychologically defended state.

    You can find him on YouTube.

    Also find link below to Stanford Protocol details...



  6. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member

    Hi Pete, I've read Headache in the Pelvis and have done a lot of the work it suggests. However, it still relies on the crutch that there is a physical reason for the pain which is contrary to TMS, so I've abandoned it for the better material I've found on TMS. Thanks for the suggestion though. Do you have pelvic pain? I'm looking for someone else who has this and has realized they have TMS for me to compare notes with. I've come a long way since I committed to the fact that I have TMS.
  7. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    I ve read the book also and was impressed with th read,,, but he has come under a lot of stick on YT by people claiming the success figures were not quite as claimed.
    Some nasty comments by a lot of folk..... Still a good read... and hopefully some useful stuff anyways.
  8. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member

    Good to know I'm not alone, it's a tough condition to have. In regards to HitP, I think they are in the right direction, but I'm convinced the condition is caused by TMS, so the stretches and other physical recommendation they have probably will work only as a placebo. I'm doing better since I stopped doing them and started concentrating on my emotions and following the program. Now that the pelvic pain is going down, I'm having back pain. TMS is tricky. I just want to be pain free again.
  9. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Hi Cirrus
    I bought the book a few years back out of desperation... pain desperation.
    GPs told me I had prostatitis or similar problems over the years. Normal size prostate..no apparent infections... but severe burning..rectal discomfort... living in the loo passing what felt like peppered urine every hour... some flow problems certainly in this current episode.. but no flow problems in my previous flareups spread over 15 years. Lasting usually 1-3months in each year.... now 59 and the worst flareup... had this one for 6 months. Have refused a cam as Im terrified it will just increase the pain... and Im prettymuch close to not wanting to be around anymore.... seriously.
    Im very protective of that groin area since being kicked there purposely during my childhood.. and pain that I never could have imagined... as the boot off doom caught me square under the family jewels on both occasions and lifted me off the ground.... at age 10.. then again at 14.
    Chronic migrains all my life... chronic spinal arthritis... sciatica... depression...suicidal thoughts.... a perfectionist !!!!!!! and always have been a helper....worrying about other people etc etc........
    Even during times of little pain..... if I see something violent.... or a kid falls...... ouch !!! the pain is felt in my groin area.... just like Ive been kicked again..hard. Those incidents were just bullying... but they left a bit of a physical and menyal dent for sure.
    So thats me........ and really happy to find this site that came about by accident as I was looking for info on why my body would hurt when I see someone else get hurt ??
    Hope Ive explained this ok...

  10. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    Wow, Leo, sounds like you have really been through a lot. I sympathize. One of the really wonderful aspects of TMS, if you are beginning to discover that this is indeed what you have, is that the length and degree of the suffering does not really effect our ability to heal. So that is cause for hope. And hope is essential. I am reading a book that was suggested by someone else on this site and it is really helping me - Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma, by Peter Levine. It is really fascinating and fits in really well with everything else you will learn on here. It seems like since you can definitely pinpoint these very specific incidents of trauma, this book might be very helpful to you. The pain is real and when you are in its grip in such a profound way, it is extremely difficult and overwhelming to figure out how to begin to take the steps toward healing. It is hard to even imagine when we have been put through so much and don't want to set ourselves up for another disappointment. I wholeheartedly recommend a mindful meditation at least 20 minutes a day. When I first started, I couldn't even sit up and do it because I had so much pain in my body that I wanted to run away and escape from it somehow. But basically I would lie on my bed in the dark and listen to a meditation CD by Dr Schubiner or Monte Hueftle and focus on breathing into my belly. The more consistently I did this, the more I found I could actually find a few brief moments of relief and sometimes I would get so relaxed that I would fall asleep. Now I can sit and meditate for 20-30 minutes at a time. It is important to find some way to comfortably sit in your body even with all the pain. Believe me, I know how hard it is. But please trust me, no matter how bad it feels right now, however hopeless and stuck you feel, it can change. It will get better. Be patient and kind to yourself whenever possible.
  11. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member


    Yeah, from the sound of it you are the perfect TMS candidate. Headache in the Pelvis was very educational for me, but now that I know, at least in my case, that Chronic Pelvic Pain/Chronic Prostatits is TMS, I've abandoned it since it still proposes a physical reason for the pain and physical therapy as a solution. Think about all the other TMS symptoms you have, that should help you convince yourself that you do have TMS and that there is nothing wrong with your prostate, or your family jewels. :) The fact that seeing other people in pain causes you a physical pain response should tell you volumes about your condition. I know what it's like to not want to be around anymore. This is a tough condition to deal with. Have you started the free program on this site yet? Also, have you tried seeing a therapist? I'm seeing one now and it's a big help. You have to deal with your emotions that you've been repressing for a long time. Your pain in the groin area began with a physical trauma, very common. I believe mine began with some congestion or mild epydidymitis, and I now have lingering pain symptoms. I also have a history of TMS symptoms.

    I'm such a perfectionist and people pleaser myself. I can't get myself to do anything that would hurt someone, or and more importantly, make another person think poorly of me.

    Also, be sure to start reading books by Dr. John Sarno, if you have not already.

    Let's work together to get over this!
  12. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member

    Update, started having prostate area pain for the first time tonight. My pelvic pain was heightened more than usual, so I went for the longest walk I've been on in quite some time. although my back started getting sore while walking, once I sat down and relaxed it was gone. My mind can really only send pain signals to one place at a time. Occasionally I'll have pain in more than one area, but it seems like my mind can't keep that up for too long. I was searching online and found some other CP/CPPS sufferers who also surmised it was TMS. One interesting post on a message board was a man who said he sent his symptoms and medical records to Dr. Sarno who agreed it was TMS! I find that amazing and great reassurance I'm on the right track. Also, I see that a man suffering from TMS and CP/CPPS symptoms has written a book about how he overcame it. It's called Personal Underworld by Kevin Jarvis.

    I just bought it and I am going to let you know if his insights help.
  13. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Hello Ann
    Nice to meet you... and thanks for all the information. I havent read much on this subject as I didnt know about Dr Sarno until about 4 days ago and so now Im on here daily looking... and found this forum.... and Im so glad that I did.
    I will get into the relaxation and meditation now... as I can never relax and need to feel some calm in my days.
    I hope you are having improvements in your days.... and its great to have a forum that works and is current.
    Thanks again
  14. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Hello Cirrus
    Sounds like we have a few things in common. Quite a disturbing place to have pain and reactions... it can take you from normality to hell in just a few minutes and crush your energy and hopes so fast and so regularly.... yes its tough. Not something I ever expected to experience.
    I will note all the books and info given by you and Ann..... and will look into the course too as I didnt see that here yet.
    Glad the walk helped and hopefully youll be able to rest.
    Thanks again..... best regards Leooooooo
  15. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Just a recent experience... from yesterday actually.
    For once Id slept a few hours and enjoyed some sleep.... as the urgency had backed off a little... and I decided to do a little tidying in the garden.. just a small back yard.
    It had been some months since I had slept for more than an hour at a time.. so I was feeling on a bit of a high... yes it only takes a minor improvement to make me think Im all ok again... As I walked down the garden path I thought.. hey this is nice.... dont need to pee.. and just low level discomfort... and then pow.... I was limping.. just like Id broke my toe. I had done nothing.
    I pressed through my shoe... no pain. I moved my toe.. Ouch ! so painful I was limping 1-10 pain scale 7... I was not going to let it mess up my morning and figured..if its broke it can stay broke.. I dont care.
    A few hours later and my normal pain levels to groin returned and I was so angry with it... and sweating with fear and disappointed that I was again lower than low.
    I then took off my shoe to check toes.....No pain..... nothing.... It had completely gone.....

  16. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member

    Hey Leo,

    Sorry to hear you're going through this, but glad you got some sleep.

    According to Dr. Sarno, you need to return to physical activity slowly and gradually after the pain has abated. Right now you need to be concentrating on your emotions. There's so shame in finding a therapist to help you to do this. The program on this site is the Structured Educational Program, it's good and as an added bonus, it's free, so start that today.


    Good luck my friend, hang in there.

    My pelvic pain has gone up to a 5, the highest in quite awhile. Also, I had a brief moment of anxiety when I woke up which was off putting. So I'm kinda down right now too. But on the positive side, the back pain as let up. It's off-putting when you're seeing success and have a setback. But, I'm facing my pain now instead of running from it, so I'm going to have to expect increased pain.

    I'm just afraid the pain is going to get worse, especially the pelvic pain. It keeps you captive with fear. It wants to make you a trade off, a tolerable pain now in exchange for a possible worse pain in the future. So, sometimes its easier to take the tolerable pain now and give up.
  17. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Hi... thanks for the link... will look shortly.
    Sitting in the garden trying to relax... but the nagging pressure pains seem to win for now.... even if I laugh.. its kinda fake.
    I used to search through the..... end it.... sites on here... just to find a quick way out of here. Still something I think about every day.. but thats how low it gets me at secere times.
    Looking forward to getting into this now and finding something more positive than my previous years of searching.
    Hope things ease for you..... its just amazing how this stuff can put you down.

    Thx.. Leo
  18. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    Leo, you can recover from this. This will pass. Don't let go of that thought. This is not just applying positive thinking or pie in the sky. Its really great that you were able to sleep for a few hours. That kind of relief will come again and those times will grow. I hope you can get some kind of guided meditation to listen to. It really helps to have someone to listen to so that you can focus on their voice and not fight your own thoughts so much. You may not be able to relax at first and that is okay. Just do it everyday and it will give you some calm. It is just one tool in many that you will learn to apply. And I agree with Cirrus about getting a therapist if you can somehow. I work with one via skype and it is very helpful. Next thing you know, you may not be fully recovered, but you'll be on here giving advice to others! Be kind and patient with yourself and relief will come. I know how difficult and disappointing it is when the pain returns but it doesn't mean anything. It does not mean that it will be there forever. It is very encouraging you had some relief so early in this process. Write that down on an evidence sheet which is something you can add every little success to and then refer to when you are feeling low. It will get better.
  19. leonardo999

    leonardo999 Well known member

    Thanks again for the words.... I have to admit I feel confident within this forum and things that Ive read and comments made do make a lot of sense to me. I will give it my best shot. Thanks for the encouragement...
  20. dever

    dever Newcomer

    Hey, is this forum still active? I have similar symptoms and am looking for almost any kind of help I can get, thank you.

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