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Cheerleading Squad

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by girlpower, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. girlpower

    girlpower Newcomer

    Long story short - Pretty sure I've actually had this for most of my life as have had so many other TMS related issues in the past. Everything got too much recently facing 5 extreme life pressures all at once - RESULT: Worst pain EVER lower back/pelvis - was bedridden 3 months/couldn't stand for more than a few minutes/fires of hell ripped through me/full body nerve like shudder sensation - sensitive to touch/getting back to activity now/broke out in sweats/forced myself to walk round block/hate shoes/hated sitting/sleep getting better less pain when lie on front/sitting now more for longer periods/can walk into city in flat sandals fine/ walk into city in flat very low shoes and pain spasm can happen/read sarno's books/journalling alot - I'm angry at everything and everyone!/care for an elderly parent with no sibling support/less pain in general and less intense/

    VICTORY - Had one full day without pain!

    Sick of my story so try to keep it brief. I know this all comes from my unconscious - when I tell it to stop I get intense vertigo as it tries to jump ship.

    Decided I need a cheerleading squad to get me over the line.
  2. girlpower

    girlpower Newcomer

    Probably in the wrong forum area - never mind. I'm trying not to be a perfectionist.
  3. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Welcome girlpower!

    It seems your strength, resolve ----and results are already your best cheerleader! Congratulations on the hard work, and real progress.

    --You're continuing/restarting activities
    --You connect symptom onset with life events, pressures.
    --You connect current symptoms to life stressors.
    --You're taking action vs being a victim or passive.
    --You're reaching out to others for support, asking for what you want.
    --You're demonstrating less fear in the face of symptoms.
    Shall I go on?

    All good things!

    We have the Structured Education Program at the Wiki if you want regular self-support, and you can post your responses after each day.

    Also there is Alan Gordon's program at top of page. Wonderful challenge and guidance to reframe one's relationship to pain.

    I just found this in my bookmarks, a nice interview with Dr. Sarno. You might like this. The more you can immerse yourself gently in supportive information, the better.

    Also, don't forget fun, pleasure, play, relaxation!

  4. girlpower

    girlpower Newcomer

    Thank you Andy for the reminder that I have made real progress - I tend to be too hard on myself - it's not fixed yet right! (as if it should be done like yesterday!)

    You know, I've never had anyone ever point out my strengths like that. (Like how I actually see myself - most people see me as weak but I know I'm not. I think in all my life I've only had 3 people say something to that affect).
    So thank you very much for reaffirming how I see myself. It means alot to my confidence.

    And yes, now I need some fun and play and relaxing. I leave that out of my life too much.

    (Funnily, I read Divided Mind about 10 years ago for some reason but never connected all the dots until recently with my back. He's definitely guided me from above.)
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