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Cervicogenic Headaches - TMS or alternative symptom ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by ariel233, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. ariel233

    ariel233 New Member


    I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing it's alternate symptoms or something else.

    Background - 22 Male, had on the back of my neck shingles on March, and except few time that I tried to jump on a rope and tackled strong headache for 2 minutes everything was fine (btw now I don't have this headache even after 300 jumps).
    So in early August I start to get nerve pains where I had the shingles (It's called PHN, late pains of the shingles) but it seems weird to me because it's unusual to have it so late after the shingles outbreak, it usually continuis to the shingles pain.
    Anyway, I had bad bad pains that debilitate me and I cried our of pains because no painkiller helped me, also the doc said it's a nerve pain so it does not respond to meds and it could last for years and I was terrified.

    I decided to take it as TMS (I used to have TMS issues back in 2015 so I know a little bit about it) and I don't know if that was the reason or something else but the pain really started to faded off around late August, and then suddenly I started to face left neck headache that radiate to my left temple, it was weird becuase when I tried to exercise, my shingles pains returned but my headaches disappeared and then few days after the exercise when the shingles pain started to fade again, guess what ?
    Yup - the headache returned.
    Around month ago the shingles pain gone completely (and doesn't comeback even if I exercise), BUT the headache returned on and off and for the last week and a half it's with me almost 24/7, most of the times it's bearable but still it's really annoying !

    I googled a little bit about my symptoms and the diagnosis that match my symptoms it's " Cervicogenic Headache ".
    However it's a secondary headache that comes from the neck and althoght I do feel like the pain radiating from my neck, I don't can thinl of any injury + I did MRI 2 weeks ago that came back clear.
    The only thing that maybe could do it it's the shingles that were on my neck but still it was on the opposite side and shingles usually damage only the side they were on, and even if it's due shingles damage, where those pains were for 5 months ?

    And my storngest eviednce it's that those pains came just when I started to feel better with my shingles pains.
    I would love to some of your opinion guys a out what do you think it is.

  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi ariel233,

    I think you're wise to understand this newer symptom as TMS. Pain is pain, and if you've been cleared by a physician for anything serious, then why not take this deeply to heart as a form of TMS?

    Review the evidence to support this everyday, and add to it, if you can. Especially relationship to other symptoms, stress, even feeling good in other parts of your life.

    Here's a suggested list so far. To know this is TMS, and to also know that you do not have to fix it is important. I think you're on your way...



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