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Can't walk since 2 weeks... need help.

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by limitless, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. limitless

    limitless Newcomer


    I'm in my mid 30s and I lifted something heavy where I noticed that it hurt my back. However, I didn't feel anything but around 3 days later (when a lot was going on at work) my hip (piriformis), inner leg, sheen and ankle started to hurt like crazy. I barely couldn't walk that day.

    When I made it home that evening I couldn't get up the next morning. I couldn't sit nor walk. As I read a lot about TMS and was sure it was causing my pain I held through the pain.

    As it didn't get better I had a doctor visiting me on the 3rd day as I couldn't go anywhere. He diagnosed scatia pain and gave me a injection that included muscle relaxant.

    The next morning I felt slightly better but I still had to crawl on all four to the bath as the pain was still quite intense. Some nights I couldn't find a position to sleep and had to turn every minute.

    He also prescribed me muscle relaxant for another week and a pain killer.

    The pain was often so strong that I sometimes had to cry or shout into my pillow. I don't cry that often but the last two weeks were the most painful of my entire life.

    After around 7 days I started seeing progress. I was able to walk for a 1-2 minutes. After a walk to the bath or kitchen I mostly had enormous pain again. Sometimes I even had to immediately lay on the floor.

    Now it's two weeks later and it got worse again. I still can't walk and for a scatia issue this takes quite long.

    I will visit the doc tomorrow again and he will check it again but the pain in my sheen, ankle and piriformis is driving me nuts.

    I started the Structured Program and I found a lot of sadness which made me cry a lot. But the pain is 24/7 quite high that after two weeks of pain I can't take it anymore as I can't even make it to the bath.

    Anyone here with TMS couldn't walk for weeks and had pain in the entire leg?

    Thank you.
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Only all of us. Or most of us.

    I'm just about to post about it, but YES I walked with TWO canes and had pain in both entire legs. Sometimes it would cease in an area...sometimes it almost went away, but it always came back worse until I read "Healing Back Pain" by Sarno and challenged myself with all of the idea's in the book. I have now been painfree 20 years this year.
  3. limitless

    limitless Newcomer

    I am thankful for your answer. I never experienced anything like this. I can't even stand straight for a second and the pain in the buttock, hips and ankle are imense. I can not even get to the kitchen on all four without taking 3 breaks lying on the floor.

    I read Healing Back Pain, The Divided Mind and many hours on the forum. Watched many videos about the mind body connection. I also start to read Steve Ozanichs book and The Mind Body Prescription.

    Two years ago I injured my back and just around 3-4 month I managed to remove the last bit of pain as I read Dr. Sarno's book.

    But it looks like it hit me back much worse at a different but connected area.

    I have hard time to not think about that something physically could be damaged as I'm lying here since two weeks and the pain in the hip and ankle are so strong.

    I released many repressed emotions and cried a lot. Probably more than the last 10 years combined. Sometimes exact situations come to my mind and sometimes it's only sadness or frustration without anything specific.

    How long did it take you to recover to walk again and did you rule out structural damages? I'm asking this because I don't really want to do another visit at the doctor as it probably can be counter productive.
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  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I didn't just read the book. I read the book and turned every affirmative statement into a question and answered it.... I engaged the book. It's not a story about some other people, it's a story about me.

    I used to be quite 'emotional' and demonstrative. My life was a seething cauldron of turmoil and drama. I had been in counseling for my previous substance abuse issues. That was NOT enough to prevent a complete breakdown of my body. In fact, though crying and such can be quite cathartic in context, if I can get to an emotion and feel it at all, it isn't repressed.

    To be honest, most people would probably say I am LESS emotional now than I was when I got TMS, BUT from studying the master (Sarno) I got cues to dive deep into the previous 'not-even-looked-at' stuff. Swatting at every fly that crosses my face and looking at repressed emotions are very different endeavours.

    We tell ourselves stories everyday. These stories are there for us to stay sane. "I am OK with my Job, I like my wife, I am fine being a Good dad, I am OK being a law abiding citizen"

    Those invisible stories that we don't even question because they are the foundation of our alleged sanity is where the 'gold' of TMS recovery is hidden. After reading the vignettes in healing back pain , particularly the ones about Mom's and Dad's doing the right thing (wtf is the 'right thing?') Being a good person (How would I know?) and contentment with my lot in life (reference point?)

    It takes a lot of courage to go deep down inside yourself and realize the job you have is because of social pressure and exterior factors...that you wouldn't have chosen it off a list.... that most of the things I do are because of an automatic conditioned response that I have zero say over.... THAT is the core... Not me getting upset because somebody cut me off in traffic, I didn't get the job, my partner cheated on me... those 'emotional' responses are just as much symptoms as my pain. What causation set me up to respond the way I do? Pain and drama are Manifestations. TMS is about Cause.

    I was in pain for 18 months continually and towards the end was contemplating taking my life, so my family could get my life insurance. I do remember and appreciate desperation. However, once I had the miraculous 'snap' and wearied of the nonsense-no-continuity-diagnoses (plural) I kept getting and really did the work implied in the book, most of my pain was gone in three weeks. I was back at my heavy labor job in 5 weeks, playing baseball, lifting weights restriction free. I turn 54 in a few weeks and I am still involved in heavy labor. Thats since '99

    As you recover you begin to see that the pain has nothing whatsoever to do with 'out there' and has everything to do with 'in here'

    There are a ton of resources for you. This forum hosts an education program. There are TMS professionals all over the place. Shake something loose. Break something. Scream. Whatever you've done up to now doesn't work, so you are now free to stop it, correct? That means all the BS associated with 'the system'.

    I unloaded a shipping container with my brother yesterday in 97* heat, over a muddy , rocky, root strewn field ...through several staircases and into my home. Most people think my brother and I look very, very similar. However, he believes in back pain, wore his corset, used a dolly and still was not comfortable when we were done. I used none of that, moved more stuff, faster and am going to work this morning to plaster ceilings and paint. He'll need four days off to recover. The only difference between he and I is what we believe.

    One of the articles we moved was my fathers 'cane collection'. He limped his whole life, had 'ulcers' they never found and a lot of other problems. I have about ten canes from all over the world to donate to Goodwill today, because there is nothing wrong with me...well, at least my body..(LOL). I had a moment of deep gratitude when I saw that stuff. Sarno's work has been nothing short of a miracle, but there is work to do.

    hope that helps, feel free to PM me or email me. Use the resources on this forum. Listen to the people that have recovered. Read the text. You might even have a more profound experience with it than we did!
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  5. limitless

    limitless Newcomer

    I am happy that it turned out great for you. I will try to get rid of pain aswell.

    I do believe that believing and our brain creates a different life. We create from within.

    My main injury was 2 years ago and I only was fully pain free for a few months before I injured myself again.

    I jst got diagnosed that the nerv between L4 L5 spinal disc gets squeezed. They said I need to get an injection to ease the inflammation and get the muscle relaxed again to walk.

    I know my pain originally came from TMS
    tightening my muscles but I am not sure if I shouldn't relax the muscle with the injection to at least walk be able to walk again (can't manage simplest tasks otherwise) while continuing working on my TMS work.
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  6. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    @Baseball65 - amazing, awesome post.

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  7. kkkkks

    kkkkks Newcomer


    I'm amazed at how many people go through similar situations as me. I had such severe knee pain that I could not walk normally for a few weeks. In time, I learned to accept this thing. I tried to enjoy the fact that I stay in bed for days and I have time to read, watch movies, document myself on several topics. Sometimes i like to walk in the yard as a prophylactic measure for muscles. I just make sure that I wear my knee braces, because they reduces pain. You can find more information about it at https://dunbarnedical.com/product-categoory/orthopedic-bracing-support/knee-brace-support-splint/ (Knee Braces & Supports For Arthritis, Sprains, Instability ยท Dunbar Medical).
    At one point you think you can't resist psychologically anymore, but you have to be stronger.
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  8. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    I had many months of pain similar to this where I would have some days where I was too tired to walk and other days where I would feel better after walking around. Make sure you can keep moving so that you can keep good circulation. Sitting all day feels really cramped and makes you feel more stuck. Move from standing, sitting, and walking regularly. It's ok to hold onto a chair and wall if a spasm is really bad but it doesn't mean something is wrong with your body. May need to wean off the meds slowly depending on your pain tolerance. Breathe, and be patient. Rest if you needed but get back to normal activities and stick to the stuff that cheers you up.
  9. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Me too - used to have to use a wheelchair to go out - but now I am a landscaper!!
    Continue on with the SEP program - don't stop and dwell on your symptoms - just get on with the work - oh - and be kind to yourself!!
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  10. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    If it came back after two years, it seems like a really bad muscle spasm. Try standing with a wall, sitting down and the floor etc. Breathe through the pain, it gets easier. Belly breathe. These all sound like cramps.
  11. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    It takes a lot of courage to go deep down inside yourself and realize the job you have is because of social pressure and exterior factors...that you wouldn't have chosen it off a list....

    I still haven't graduated college yet and I'm already thinking about financial independence- the whole "norm" about having a passion or having a "popular" job doesn't make sense to me. However, it all depends on cost of living and what actually works financially. I'm still not sure I can avoid TMS in any kind of work, but focusing on aspects of life outside of work and school, including my health, has done wonders. I'm content with what I have, but the "f the system" thoughts do me no good as I grew a lot in my life from also "thinking big". I want to make the most of my education and life experiences to make an impact, but not in a materialistic way. I can see how materialism can trigger TMS and similarly with working too hard. This pandemic especially has challenged many notions around work- life isn't for work, work is for our life. Leading a meaningful life is important no matter how much a job pays, but don't settle for something less than your worth. You can have the best health, relationships, and career that you can imagine, even if there's challenges along the way, because knowledge and experience in thinking and living better can change lives.
  12. BloodMoon

    BloodMoon Beloved Grand Eagle

    I'm going back to the book and am going to do as you did @Baseball65. I read the book twice before, but didn't use it to ask questions; I didn't think of using it in this way. I missed your posting when you first posted it - but am glad I came across it now.
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