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Can Vulvar Itching Be TMS? Has anyone else experienced this?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by GhostlyMarie, Mar 15, 2024.

  1. GhostlyMarie

    GhostlyMarie New Member

    So, for the past year I have had on and off vulvar itching. It feels like needle pricks (like if you’ve ever gotten bitten by a bug or fleas or something) and general tickling/bugs crawling. I notice that if I am doing something that takes my mind off of it, I don’t have itching but if I am sitting, and not doing anything, I will feel itching lol I notice it gets more prevalent before and after my period also. I’m in the process of eliminating feminine hygiene products to see if that’s causing it.

    HOWEVER! The itching began the day after my first pelvic floor physical therapy consultation and then it never left. I was so scared of this appointment because I was so afraid that the PT would prove that I had some kind of pathological dermatoses or that I had nerve issues in my vulva. I cried the whole day before the appointment. The day after that consultation, the itching began. I had thought it was because of the rubbing (my PT didn’t hold back on stretching and manipulating the area) and lube the PT used to assess my pelvic floor but then the itching never went away. I guess it was PTSD triggering event seeing as I am a SA survivor and having someone touching me down there was mentally difficult. I have been to multiple gyns, GPs, and a vulvar derm and all of them have said I look perfectly normal down there but I still itch.

    I am wondering if this could be tms? I do notice that if I don’t feel itching for a couple days and then I think “huh, I haven’t had that sensation in a while”, it will come back lol my skin looks normal, there’s no sign of eczema or lichenification or infection… and the sensation moves around and feels like it jumps. One spot will stop itching and then another will start and it just goes on like that. I am terrified of having something like lichen sclerosis and its primary symptom is itching so I’m wondering if I scared myself so much that my nervous system generated the sensation. To be fair, I get itching all over my body randomly but I’m more concerned about yen vulvar itching.

    has anyone else experienced itching as a tms symptom? How did you eliminate it with mind-body methods? I am sure I answered my own question but I really just want someone to relate to. lol. TIA!
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    Vulvular sensations like any can most certainly be TMS.
    Here's a youtube talk from UCLA and the science behind it.
    As for alleviating your personal symptoms, it is exactly the same as any TMS symptoms. A great method is by reading a book by Dr. Sarno, and then using the free Structured Education Program which can be found by scrolling down the informational page at TMSwiki.org

  3. lili2002

    lili2002 New Member

    Hello Mary. I'm a midwife, and juste Can tell that kind of symptom IS so common in case of AS. It just the time for the body to express it. So it certainly might be TMS.
    I'm at the beginning too so I have no legitimity to give advices but what I tell to my patients is to accept it first, Say "thanks for the message" and forget it and live your life. It will go away.
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  4. GhostlyMarie

    GhostlyMarie New Member

    What is AS? o_O and thank you for your reply! I am doing my best to not give it too much attention or thought but omg, itching is so hard to not pay attention to haha
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  5. GhostlyMarie

    GhostlyMarie New Member

    Thank you for your response! The video was very comforting and informative. I’m going to watch it a couple of times to really let the info sink in.
  6. lili2002

    lili2002 New Member

    SA=sexual abuse

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