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Can concussion symptoms be TMS??

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by BMC1995, May 24, 2020.

  1. BMC1995

    BMC1995 New Member

    Hi all, brand new to this website. So just to start, I have had TMS for a long time and recovered from a long-standing history of back pain 3 years ago after finding out about TMS. Nevertheless, a week ago (9 days ago more specifically) I was outside chasing my dog on a field with moist grass. I ran up to him (while he was sitting) and jumped over him, and when my feet made contact with the ground as I was landing they slipped right under me (due to the moist grass). I ended up landing on my coccyx in what I would consider was a high velocity fall. I felt a vibration go up my body through my skull, which rattled my skull. I had no symptoms after this but later that night began to have a slight headache, which has now become a persistent dull headache; the headaches can also present with sharp pains on the scalp of the head. I also noticed difficulty with reading and mental fog that started a day later. Now I’m starting to notice fatigue, not mental but physical.

    I am wondering if this is TMS or a concussion. To give you a little more context, I’ve been studying for the MCAT and (in general) am in a demanding period of my life right now. I was particularly worried about a concussion or something that would impair my mental abilities because I am studying for this test. Also, I have a history of multiple concussions which makes me concerned about getting more, especially going into a field like Medicine where I have to have my mental wits about me. I don’t remember these symptoms in the past when I had concussions, which is weird. Come to think of it, I have never really been impaired by concussions that much in the past. I have seen two doctors through video appointments, one who thinks it could be a concussion and another who said it was not likely. In additionally, it is particularly stressful because if I treat this like TMS and decide to ignore it (i.e. continuing studying, working out intensely, and any other activities I please) and I actually do have a concussion it would hurt my healing process and prolong it. Also, I haven’t been studying now which is further making things worse because I have a scheduled test date which is approaching. This is extremely frustrating and I wish there was a definitive way to just rule out if you have a concussion or not (i.e. a blood test). What do you think? Thanks.
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi BMC,

    I am sorry about your experience lately with the fall and after effects.

    I don't know the protocol for resting/symptom monitoring after possible concussion, but would it hurt to treat it as a concussion until this time has passed?

    During this time you also are aware of propensities toward TMS, and how fear of symptoms may prolong them, etc. Just observe your experience and what your mind does with these experiences. Try to have confidence that if what you're experiencing is TMS, you'll learn this, and deal with appropriately at the right time. You'll know after a standard healing time. And if the symptoms are physical they will heal. That is my understanding.

    I believe experienced TMS practitioners recognize a type of "post traumatic brain injury" TMS equivalent. Things like brain fog, etc. So I think it is appropriate that you're holding this as a possibility. Viewing it this way, you understand the brain heals, and the symptoms continue as a form of TMS.

    Pressuring yourself to figure it out, get over it, heal faster, etc. is not helpful in my opinion. Just your awareness that this can be TMS is probably all you need at this point.

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