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Caffeine free: Day 147

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Hedger, Dec 4, 2021.

  1. Hedger

    Hedger Well known member

    Wow what a journey. TMS work 200 days, then quitting caffeine for the next 147 days in addition. I have written before about the first time so I will just recap quickly:

    Day 1-30: Horrible, awful. Headaches, depression, rage.
    Day 30-60: Difficult, starting to sleep better.
    Day 60-100: Different. Starting to normalize. Waves of tiredness sometimes
    Day 100-147: Equalized energy. More emotionally stable. Still some low energy now and then. Overall loving it.

    Main takeaway in this post
    Quitting caffeine really helped my TMS work. I used caffeine to push myself at work and in private. When quitting, I really had to face myself and that I didn't want to push myself so hard. It had generated a lot of rage within that I hadn't processed. Now it forced me to do so!

    I also gained 7 kg haha =)

    My view is that caffeine is a serious addiction, but extremely normalized. Everyone who drinks it daily and disagree, stop for 30 days, and I mean stop all - No coffee, no decaf coffee, no cola of any kind, no tea, no dark chocolate, no soft drinks with caffeine and so on. And then see how you feel through these 30 days. If you are not addicted you wouldn't mind this...
  2. Bitzalel Brown

    Bitzalel Brown Peer Supporter

    Hedger that is amazing. Keep it up and the addiction will dissapear. Addictions like coffee are another trick in TMS's distraction arnsenal. Overeating is another big one. That is a smart tactic to do TMS work while cutting out an addiction. Thank you for sharing
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  3. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    this was like giving up sugar for me. i went totally keto for four months. it was a whole new world!
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  4. Hedger

    Hedger Well known member

    Yes, especially the first 30 days of going No caffeine I turned to emotional eating and gained 5kg. I guess one big part is quitting caffeine really lowers your dopamine levels etc. until it normalize and it easy to turn to sugar or unhealthy food for that kick to feel better.
    Luckily I´m generally quite healthy and in good shape so its not a problem for me to gain that weight. I still run 10km once a week and do sports weekly etc.
    But I´m going to try to loose the weight again now =).

    I have also been in keto a couple of weeks, when it hits its like a euphoria I remember! Being NoCaf is more like it´s easier to find that deep fulfillment, ease of being and calmness. I worry much less!
  5. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    I think actually being on Keto lead to some recent TMS flare-ups… I say this because whenever I get “extreme” with anything, a diet, a fad, an obsession, an incessant ambitious demand, etc… my inner child creates TMS. I think my inner child was VERY ANGRY that I put it through such an extreme diet of restrictions. I think the unconscious mind really strives for moderation in everything~ that balance leads to healing.
  6. SSS

    SSS Peer Supporter

    I gave up caffeine due to bladder problems and found it doable, I didn't do much but drink tea, so it wasn't as much of a change.
    But people have a hard time believe its possible. I found that drinking hot water and some herbal tea was OK for me as a substitute, its the ritual of getting something warm to drink that helped me.
  7. Hedger

    Hedger Well known member

    If you only drink herbal tea as you say, that is awesome and congrats!
    If you drink black tea or green tea (or any cola) instead of coffee, you are not caffeine free just another version.
  8. Hedger

    Hedger Well known member

    This make sense. I would say its common to have initial placebo effects of any such obsession, and then it comes hammering back. And just as you say, treating yourself in extreme ways I agree would really upset your inner child / ID =)

    Before I knew about TMS I tried all kinds of things, like going vegan etc. Initial placebo and felt great, a couple of weeks later as bad or worse. Then up to find new distraction ^^

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