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Day 15 Breakthrough

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by hopethishelps, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. hopethishelps

    hopethishelps New Member

    Hello all,

    Today I had a very big breakthrough that has helped cement my belief in the TMS diagnosis and the relief caused by the structured educational program. I started Day 15 of the program with a lot of discomfort on my neck particularly tightness and pain coupled with, and as I watched a video about a guy who had terrible back pain and was cured by Dr. Sarno I had an AHA moment followed by almost no pain and a lot of lightness and relief. It was while Dr. Sarno described some of the characteristics of TMS patients's personality:
    • hard working
    • conscientious
    • responsible
    • people who expect a great deal of themselves
    When I heard the words PEOPLE WHO EXPECT A GREAT DEAL OF THEMSELVES i realized that not only do I put upon myself a GREAT DEAL of pressure but I realized I have been very angry at my father who has always expected a great deal from me!!!! And it clicked..... I continued with the days exercise obviously writing about this and to my surprise I feel 80% better or more than when I started.

    thank you structured educational program !!!!!
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