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Day 23 Befriending my body

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by jokeysmurf, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. jokeysmurf

    jokeysmurf Well known member

    Since my journey to become well, or less sensitized or out of pain or all of that, I have been doing lots of Somatic Experiencing therapy. Most of this on my own, with some help from a therapist and also using Alan Gordon's guide as well as lots of resources from CDs to Books. I have slowly come to an awareness about the idea of trauma. For my particular experience it really means that my nervous system did not complete an act either fight, flight. Secondly when my body has pain or tension I use the exercises I have learned to essentially "renegotiate" the physical memory my body has gotten stuck into. I'll explain.

    I common scenario is anxiety, pain and tension. In the mornings I can wake up and feel fully anxious other times I wake up and feel fine except for intense muscle pain and even other times I wake up and feel nausea or stomach pains. What do all of these have a common? Well for one they are all rooted in a past experience. Also they are all linked by a memory or body memory. Something reminds me (unconsciously) of something that took place and my body reacts in the exact same way - think of what happens when we have taste aversions, it's very similar. Lastly they are all present because of neural pathway that has yet to be contested or diffused.

    So by doing exercises in which we just notice the sensations, don't react with fear and learn to befriend our body once again we are "renegotiating" a body memory. Maybe this time the intensity drops and when it happens again and again if we continue to react without fear and just be present over time we get ourselves out of this cycle.

    I went from having nausea every single morning to only sometimes now. From having pains every single day for months to only when I feel very worn out. I am getting reacquainted with my body, the sensations and learning to care and love my body for all it's perfection and imperfections.

    happy healing.
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