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Back, Shoulder and Wrist injury/pain questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by dantheman, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. dantheman

    dantheman Newcomer

    Hey everyone!

    I am a male in my early 20's, I went to the gym a lot during the age of 16-18 before having a 1 year break. Upon returning I had an injury around my Rhomboid area. After giving it lots of rest, stretches, strengthening and alike it just wouldn't stop flaring up when exercising my upper body.

    After about 1 year of this I started seeing a physio, this didn't help at all. I then saw another physio on a regular basis for about 5 months. During this time the injury/pain became a lot worse (from the stretches I was doing), it got to a point where walking for 10 minutes would flare it up. The pain has also changed from a localised Rhomboid pain to a burning, itchy and tight pain within the rhomboid (during exercise/walking) & an extremely painful, achey, dull pain in the centre of my back (still very much right sided). It has now been 12 months since this development, I have seen several physios, osteos, sports medicine drs & alike to no prevail. An Xray, Bonescan & MRI have been done, all in-which show no signs of damage (except very minor scoliosis).

    Any weight lifting will flare this central pain up, even carrying around a basket at the grocery store for more than a few minutes (with items in it) will have a similar sensation. Same with flossing (back being bent forward for more than 30 seconds). Walking/hiking will bring that burning sensation in my rhomboid then several hours later the central pain will come on/exacerbate.

    I have also injured my wrist 9 months ago, while showing good signs of recovery and returned range of motion, this still flares with any real resistance (seen Physio/Specialist) = No issues in Xray/MRI. To top it off 3 months ago my shoulder started hurting and again while having some signs of recovery, still flares on a regular basis.

    I have a history of some of the commonalities mentioned in John Sarno's book like migraines, standard headaches, acne and alike. My mindset and personality traits would also fit in closely to John Sarno's observed 'classic' TMS patient (perfectionist, OCD, hypochondriac, worrying etc). I however am not aware of any massive anxiety/stress points in my life that could be 'repressed' (my back pain is my primary stressor)

    I have read through 'Healing Back Pain - Mind Body Connection' as well as listened to the suggested podcasts on this websites home page. I definitely feel as though my condition/s correlate for the most part with TMS diagnosis and with the help of MRI's am confident that I don't have any structural abnormalities that would cause this much debilitation.

    Does anyone have any suggestions moving forward on which approach I should continue taking (& if you think my diagnosis is correct)? I have been researching the mind-body connection and attempting to implement suggestions for about 3 weeks now but the pain has been about the same.
  2. Dave81

    Dave81 New Member

    Dantheman, I now you are not here because of a good reason, but welcome to the community.
    I am no expert on TMS, I am new too, from what I read you had a bunch of MRIs, X-rays, doctors, phisyo and whatever that can not figure it out and can't point out a structure issue, so why are you not convinced yet? What is holding you back to believe?
    Don't expect miraculous and extremely fast recovery, that will just stress you out even more, I hope you get one though.
    If you need more convincing dr. Howard Schubiner (Sarno's method) and prof. Lorimer Moseley (pain scientist) have nice lectures on YouTube.
    You could try the pain recovery or the structure education programs here or mindfulness meditation.
    Hope that helps speedy recovery.

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