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Back again.. confused ... need lots and lots of validations

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by shmps, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. shmps

    shmps Peer Supporter

    Hi All,

    I am back again after almost a year and a half, which is good and bad both. Good that I was not here for a year and a half, sooreeee if I sound mean, as much as I missed everyone here but was happy that I had forgotten all about TMS. But sad to be back because I am dealing with new symptoms and a lot confused about it. So i need to hear from you all!!

    Tell me that my hear is right !!

    Long story short:
    In MARCH 2014, I had first neck pain.. since then PT, Chiro, 2 MRI, Meds, Dont Do this, Dont Do that... etc etc. In Jan 2015 found about Dr. Sarno and this site.. met Alan over phone and worked with one his team member, who brought me out of Grave. Thanks to Amber!! I believed believed and only believed in TMS to an extent where I felt the whole damn world suffers from it. And two years fast forward.. even if today I have pain come and go but a minor severity, it doesnt stop me from living my life...

    2017, I have a dream job.. working aggressively again just like I was in March 2014 (new management at that time). Recently, had a 3 yr long relationship end, so lots of changes at my personal emotional life. Also my first spring at my new place. All combined together, I was traveling for work to China and Thailand (complete different climates plus long flights exposed to million of germs and the added allergic season). So I come back home with dry cough, sinus, etc etc. All started in MARCH 2017. Again MARCH same timing in life.. new management, relationship changes.. etc.

    But I am confused are my symptoms from Allergy ? Sinus ? or Is it again TMS. I dont know. 5 weeks into it and all I know the more I fear the more miserable I am. The more I research online the more I get scared. My FEAR has been the bottom line TMS feeder as per my therapist.

    My symptoms are dry cough, EARS ARE BLOCKED (main discomfort, which increases more when I think about it or when I drive (guess what the driving part probably came in notice only after I read about someone else's symptom online), nasal congestion, mild itchy and burning eyes, mild sinus pain.

    In last 5 weeks, gone through two rounds of antibiotics, tried several nasal sprays, sudafed, mucinex, antihisthamines.. Nothing works but for allergies anyways nothing works as per the world.

    So WHY I FEEL ITS TMS ? perfect timing in life, too much happening in personal life.. I started forgetting about TMS.. Myofascial pain as per the dr's but to me TMS was un noticeable.. So TMS goes hmmm, wait she is moving on and not scared. Lets scare her. She is on travel perfect timing to fool her with her travel combined with allergy season and her first spring at a new city, she will buy in that she has allergies and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. (Although I had never had allergies but heard its so common for people to have allergies any time of their life.)

    SO MY MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION, what is it Sinus ? Allergies ? Eustachian Tube Dysfunction or TMS Imperative.

    TMS fighter. Recovered from Myofascial Pain and RSI (medical names to TMS ;) ) started in March 2014
    Again in March 2017, ears blocked (Eustachian Tube Imbalance), Sinus pressure and mild pain, Allergies maybe..I have an upcoming appointment with ENT.

    So can these symptoms be of TMS ?? My heart says its TMS, when I fear the symptoms flare up when I move on and live life they go unnoticed or are manageable. I am changing, again dont do this or else the symptoms will get worse, started sleeping on 3 pillows, dont go to gym, dont drink, only have warm water, dont have soda, dont have fried stuff, etc

    TELL ME ITS TMS or what should be my next step!!! my heart says TMS but mind says common not everything in life is TMS, you could just be sick.
  2. HattieNC

    HattieNC Well known member

    Last summer, after being exposed to a lot of pollen and dust, my left ear became totally blocked and stayed that way for 4 months. I also had a high pitched ringing that was driving me insane. After two unsuccessful trips to the ENT, I found a device on Amazon that worked perfectly. Within a week the blocked ear went away. It's called Eustachi - Eustachian Tube Exerciser. I have no investment or monetary interest in this company. My only interest is in spreading the word and helping others. I wrote a in-depth review on precisely how to use it on Amazon Reviews under the name HattieNC. I hope this helps!
  3. shmps

    shmps Peer Supporter

    Thanks HattieNC. Can you send me the link for your amazon review. I was unable to find it.
  4. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    Follow your heart. It appears you've answered your own question in your post. If your ears are blocked, I would ask "what is it you don't want to hear?"

    I had an allergy attack recently -- not coincidentally during a very stressful day at work. It passed quickly when I readjusted my thinking and acknowledged my feelings. :)

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