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Anyone have constant pain?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by mc1986, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. mc1986

    mc1986 Peer Supporter

    Hi all, I have a question for those who have healed. Did any of you have constant pain? My pain is constant, 24/7 and unremitting. It has very little to do with my activity levels but there is definitely a noticeable correlation between my emotional state and my pain levels.

    I have been extremely active for the last month or so since beginning the tms journey. I run daily and lift weights. I feel best if I keep myself moving and occupied. The last couple weeks have been much better and I was finding myself monitoring my pain less and less. I started building furniture and that has been a welcome distraction. However, the last few days have been pretty bad. I'm trying my best to ignore it but it is difficult.

    I visited Dr. David Hanscom a few weeks ago and have starting engaging in his recovery program. He is of the opinion that physical and psychological causes need to be addressed simultaneously. I know that this is not what Dr. Sarno's recommends so I am unsure how to proceed. I obviously do not want to sabotage myself by continuing physical treatment, but Dr. Hanscom has had a great deal of success with his patients. He told me of a study that showed that chronic pain is 800% more likely in patients between the ages of 25 and 35. I am 29. I also have the typical type T personality.

    I guess the at the root of this post is my need for reassurance. I would have a much easier time accepting the diagnosis of my pain was variable. But at the same time I am able to run, do squats and deadlifts with little to no consequence.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback.
  2. Huckleberry

    Huckleberry Well known member

    One thing that sticks out in your post is that you state you are active and have zero mobility issues but solely pain. I am in the same situation and it is one of my 'exemptions' in that it really makes little sense from a structural perspective...surely such severe and ongoing levels of pain should be accompanied by objective signs (i.e. limited range of movement, weakness etc etc) rather than just a pain symptom which is obviously a subjective interpretation.

    Have you also read Hanscom's book? I do like his approach especially if you are the sort of person struggling to accept the TMS diagnosis as I believe the behaviours and thinking he advocates will drastically reduce if not eradicate the pain regardless of causality.

    Funny to see this thread now as I posted one a couple of hours ago asking if people found a hardened belief in the TMS diagnosis if their pain is variable and subject to flares etc. No replies as yet but something may come up on that which may help your query here.
  3. mc1986

    mc1986 Peer Supporter

    Thanks Huckleberry, I'll keep an eye on your thread. I have some mobility issues but no one has ever been able to tell me why they exist. It seems to be muscles guarding so I can totally see how that can be tms. I have read Hanscom's book but am going to read it again. When I met with him he basically said the physical cause of pain doesn't matter, all that matters is how our brains perceive it. That put me at ease knowing that even if there is a physical issue it doesn't need to change for me to find relief. I guess I just need to learn to flow with the ups and downs of this process. I keep waiting for the pain to shift or change to give me a sign that this is in fact tms but that is just me focusing on the symptoms I suppose. Thanks again.
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  4. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, mc. I had constant pain... severe back and shoulder pain, until I learned about TMS. The pain was constant and I could hardly stand it. Like knives stabbing into me. Dr. Sarn's book Healing Back Pain led me to this web site and then to the Structured Educational Program and within weeks, the pain stopped. What healed me was total 100 percent belief that my emotions were causing my pain. The SEProgram, free in the subforum of this web site. helped me and many others to heal and I strongly recommend taking it.
  5. Ollin

    Ollin Peer Supporter

    I haven't healed yet, but am in the same boat - constant pain (only varies in intensity) with no mobility issues. By this I mean that after prolonged sitting or getting up in the morning I feel stiff like a zombie, not in my joints, just my muscles, and when I get moving the stiffness goes away but not the pain. And then I can do various things with my body to no ill effect - I mainly practice yoga so lots of stretching, body-weight stuff etc. And dancing is especially good to shake off the pain/tension temporarily.
    What I noticed is that movement acts directly on my emotional state, so when it's sustainable and energizing it keeps the pain level low. If I can't exercise, or have to ease off due to some other sickness, the pain is worse. Perhaps it's just dopamine addiction, but almost everyone acknowledges that there is a strong connection between the body and emotions, which goes both ways. So the TMS phenomenon is really no mystery. Physical body is no mystery either, while the mind is still largely uncharted territory - so it's a lot harder to heal the physical through the emotional than the other way round, because most people don't really know their needs and when they are truly happy.
  6. IrishSceptic

    IrishSceptic Podcast Visionary

    Anyone have a reference on that study about 25-35 year olds..pretty incredible
  7. ashoo79

    ashoo79 New Member

    Dear Walt I do believe in TMS is caused by emotions. Can you plz tell me exactly what to do now I am working on SEP but seriously I have few issues but they are not that serious to cause me such pain. Iam working on those small issues. I have a trait of goodism I am bossy too I jump on conclusions too very quickly. I expect if Iam giving my 100% to someone they should too and if they don't i get hurt. plz tell me what to do where to start from I seriously need help to get rid of my Sciatica TMS symptoms. thanks
  8. mc1986

    mc1986 Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the responses. I find that unless I look back a few months I don't notice the improvement. A year ago it was difficult to empty the dishwasher or hang a picture on the wall for my wife. Now I'm deadlifting 200 lbs. I function very well in spite of the pain. I just want it to go away. Or at least fade to level that isn't so difficult to ignore.

    I see Dr. Hanscom in a couple of weeks. I'll see if I can get some info on the study.

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