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Anyone have and swelling with tms

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by jwiles, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. jwiles

    jwiles Peer Supporter

    I have light swelling in one of the affected hands. I've seen some posts about it but I'm trying to see if I can get a general sense of how common swelling is as a symptom in TMS
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    H, jwiles. I haven't had swelling in my hands, but you apparently want some "Misery loves company." We all want that, but it's part of the problem that some of us are not able to believe 100 percent in TMS causing our pain.

    Most of us are in or were in pain of one kind or another, and the common healer is TMS belief, total belief that our pain is caused by our emotions and is not structural.

    If you haven't done the Structured Educational Program, free in the subforum on this web site, I urge you to do it. It is a great way to discover the
    psychological causes of our pain. Once we discover them, they go away.
  3. jwiles

    jwiles Peer Supporter

    It's not a matter of me believing if Tms is the cause of my pain. I know it is and I've really seen some good reduction of pain over the last few days. It's a matter of considering what symptoms are probably related and what symptoms are probably not. I saw A Dr. that believes in psychological pain disorders but she couldn't give me a clear answer on whether or not TMS could cause swelling or not. We discussed that maybe the hot weather might be making it intensify or maybe I have too much salt in my diet. I just feel that maybe the swelling might not be even related to TMS. But I guess it couldn't hurt to just tell myself that it is TMS and see if that helps the symptoms reduce. I'm not terrified of it I'm just curious to see if there's any similar cases. I've Read one that seems similar to mine I'm just wondering if there's any out there that I haven't read
  4. jwiles

    jwiles Peer Supporter

    Who knows maybe my brain is just using the slight swelling stuff to further distract my mind
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  5. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Hi! TMS has been giving me various symptoms for years. I have occational swelling in my fingers, I probably have it in hands too, but its my tight rings that lets me know I'm having swelling. I have had no pain on my hands or fingers. I had TMS in my foot and it swelled sometimes. As a third example, a friend had swollen stiff knees. After many tests to rule out structural causes his doc said its arthritis, but caused by stress. Told him to work on the emotional stuff and it would get better. To prove it was stress, the news that he would have to take on the getting better himself, rather than just take a pill, caused his knees to swell up some more! I think we will hear more and more about TMS causing swelling. Whether thats because we will be aware swelling can be TMS, or if it will be the next popular symptom the brain picks? Who knows!
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  6. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    I am still new to TMS, but I began noticing a swelling in my lower legs, (front shin area). Never had this before. After just reading about TMS and moving around more and beginning an exercise program, this has greatly improved. So, for me, I would say YES, that TMS can cause swelling. I have experienced some CRAZY TMS equivalents, in fact over about 40 of them. Chronic Pain, is not the only thing TMS can do to us.
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  7. jwiles

    jwiles Peer Supporter

    I definitely believe that swelling could be a symptom of TMS. What I think is happening is now that I'm discovering the faults in inconsistencies in my pain my mind is trying to create new symptoms to further distract me. What a deceitful thing
  8. eline

    eline Peer Supporter

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  9. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Swelling is very common in TMS. My hands swelled while I was reading MOBP, like an autonomic fit against truth.

    Hundreds of people, now, have emailed me to say they get swelling every time under stress. elbows, knees, glands, feet, hands, joints, gums, etc.. Tension can cause swelling, it's obvious to anyone who is observing.
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  10. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Steve, I was under the impression TMS relates to tense muscles as a result of oxygen deprivation. I believe the definition was very tight as no physiological change occurred when these people healed.

    Whilst I agree, swelling may sit with the wider arena of mind-body illnesses, my understanding is, it doesn't sit within TMS by definition. Swelling, although may be treated like TMS can bring about physiological change. I understand that's why some Dr's dont class it as TMS.

    Just out of curiosity, do you know if any of those you treated with a swelling had an auto immune factor present? I am interested to know if you've cured individuals with a very early on set of this condition.

    Looking forward to your reply
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  11. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Hi Mike, you asked a complex question; it deserves an even more complex answer. It all depends on what "TMS definition" you're using. The understanding has evolved through the years as more is observed through the new lens that Dr. Sarno created, and polished. We see health much clearer because of the good doctor's selfless devotion to his patients, and his work.

    As you know Dr. Sarno even advanced his own thinking from myositis (muscle) to myoneural (muscle and nerves): then once again to TMS as The Mindbody Syndrome after he observed that it affected many more areas and systems like the immune system, vertigo, gastrointestinal, derma, etc... and states such as swelling. So if you run the concept of swelling through the first TMS-lens then swelling doesn't apply. If you run it through the second TMS-lens it begins to apply. If you run it through the third TMS-lens it easily applies as the images in front of the lens become more in-focus.

    Without doubt--the brain can create anything, altering anything that it needs to, when it feels it needs to. It's a mechanism of survival by the survival brain. Of course this is based on the signals that are sent to the cells, as well as, the need for a diversion to escape the current situation. The proof is too overwhelming not to recognize that TMS affects every aspect of health. As I talk to people every day, in many countries, the proof is immense that TMS can be seen in an infinite variety of physical and psychological forms. As our own Tennis Tom likes to remind us, the good doctor stated to his patients, "There are so many things, little and big, that are TMS that I wouldn’t have time to write about all of them."

    So if you use the current term of TMS then swelling readily applies. But there is also the term MBS which appears to be a much more conservative approach to the mindbody concepts. It seems to be a significantly narrower view of a mindbody process, with less physical conditions involved in an unconscious process, eg, many diseases. If you read-through the professionals that use the other terms such as PPD or MBS, they appear to be less inclined to believe that many of the body problems are caused by the subconscious, and seem to be more willing to apply the medical techniques to aid in healing. This of course is a difference in opinion between professionals.

    TMS is certainly not MBS or PPD, and vice versa(s). The differences widen with time, they aren't converging, they are diverging.

    It all comes down to belief, either as a professional, or as a layman. I'm of the group that believes that everything we get is from an unconscious mindbody process unless it falls into the categories of accident, congenital, dietary deficiency, etc... and of course the much rarer occurrence of simply wearing out (through repetition or oxidation). I believe this because I witness sufferers healing from all sorts of symptoms that even some mindbody docs don't believe are mindbody effects.

    I fall into the group with Dr. Sarno and Gabor Mate, and Andrew Weil, etc. because I observe people healing. Dr. Mate currently has the best health book out there, besides GPD of course : ) When The Body Says No is the cat's meow. He truly gets it. It's fear and rage of separation that causes our health problems, proceeded by the need to make up for it by being nice, good, imposing great self demands and never being able to say no--that is, until the body finally says no.

    A guy healed from stage 4 cancer contacted me to thank me for GPD, and told me that he now fully understands that he gave it to himself. The are many others with MS, and any host of other so-called life threatening disorders who heal once they get their life back into balance. They never needed medical treatment. But every patient needs to be viewed individually. We are all the same, but we aren't.

    So it depends on what you believe, or which lens you are using to view your life through. Dr. Sarno's lens to me is much clearer, and being polished every day.

    Hope that confuses you some,

  12. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thanks ever so much for the clarification Steve. It makes perfect sense.

    I share your view too. I've read quite a few books and people don't give the mind-body connection nearly enough credit as it deserves. I watched a Ted talk by Nadine Burke Harris today on how childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime. Although shes made the connection, I'm not sure how she has incorporated the healing aspect into her practice. It's great to see there are some individuals who still care about healing people rather than just helping them to manage an ailment.

    Btw, I know you have probably been asked this countless times, but is there any likelihood of you following up GPD? I can imagine you've learnt so much through healing others and have quite an extensive array of dis-eases that you've encountered and cured.

    Thanks ever so much for your time and have a great Sunday.
  13. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    The problems with our health mainly come from our personality, which is mostly formed in childhood, around age 5 or so. Jung said the persona forms in the first 5 years but I'm not an expert in childhood development. The problems of course don't include the ones I mentioned above. It can be dangerous to generalize but we often have to because of time constraints.

    The docs who "get it" seem to be the more successful ones, but the progression is slow. Georg Groddeck, Gabor Mate, Clancy McKenzie, John Sarno, Martin Selligman, Bernie Seigel, Peter Levine, Bruce Lipton, Arnold Hutschnecker, and many others could see the real cause and effects. Other docs see part of it but still feel the body simply fails and can't give up their medical positions as easily. But we are stronger than that, our bodies rarely fail, they are simply reporting on the strength of our relationships, which comes down to the fear and anger levels. The most important relationship is the one with the Self, because it's the same as with the others. No difference between the two. We are the others, they are us.

    I would like to clarify that I have never healed anyone. I'm not a healer. I consider myself an educator. I teach others how to heal themselves. All healing comes from within. It's in the same vein as Dr. Sarno saying that he never had a method for treating pain. He had a way to deal with the reasons for it.

    I have a new book coming out soon on back pain, in Sept I hope. It's about everything I've learned, and why we are so confused, and why few people really care about healing. I don't know if it's a follow up to GPD, that one is difficult to follow. Was there anything I didn't say in it? There was quite a bit cut out of it in editing but I needed to move on to spreading the message. There are countless people who have healed with it, in a couple dozen countries, from all kinds of odd things, and serious diseases. It's been amazingly rewarding. But those people all changed. They didn't just read it and move on to the next material, they lived it. Healing doesn't come from just reading (simple knowledge). Change must occur.

    But the "cure" is quite simple. Stop trying to heal. Stop looking for other methods, more books, other doctors, more examples, better techniques, different views, deeper analysis, and things that you agree with. Stop reading about health and hanging around pain forums. Go live a good life true to yourself, and to truth. Pain and illness are defenses against truth.

    Work on forgiving, fear, letting go, love, flowing, purpose and meaning.

    The body falls into balance when the spirit is where it wants to be. And it knows where it wants to be, at peace within truth.

  14. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is my view of TMS:

    "...there are so many things little and big that are tms, I wouldn't have time to write about all of them" Dr. Sarno
  15. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Excellent post, as always Steve. Thank you
  16. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great stuff, Steve. And regarding your book - if you need an early reader or proofreader, I would be honored to help. I've helped a few other authors over the years and have good eagle eyes for errant commas and whatnot. ;)
  17. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    I don't think I've quite reached 40 yet - but then again, if I had kept track of the weird little ones...

    I believe this 100%.
    Without a doubt. If you haven't read Dr. Mate, do it. If your mind is open to his message, he will blow it wide open.
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