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Acne, Accutane & TMS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by rcterry, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. rcterry

    rcterry Newcomer


    I’m currently working through symptoms of my emotionally induced TMS - mainly low back pain, and things are getting better day by day.

    One of the symptoms that is really bothering me is the severe acne that is only on my back. In addition to seeing a TMS doctor who diagnosed me with TMS, I’ve also for several years seen a dermatologist to help me with acne on my face. After last seeing this dermatologist, he said that if things don’t get better on my back by next appointment he would highly recommend Accutane to permanently clear it up.

    My question to fellow TMS sufferers - have any of you struggled with acne as a symptom and if so, were you ever pressured to do accutane? Can acne be reduce by taking the TMS approach instead? I’m feeling I’d rather treat it with a TMS approach but wasn’t sure how effect it would be. I’m also a bit fearful of accutane’s physical and mental side effects. Thanks I’m advance for any input.
  2. Following this post. I am really struggling with this. I feel like no matter what creams or acne medication I use it doesn’t help my acne anyway... So might as well stop treating it like acne and more like tms?
  3. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    I'm sorry that no one is able to address this question, so I will offer at least this much:

    It's well-known that stress makes acne worse, right? Now, if you accept Dr. Gabor Mate's definition of stress as the being the stress which results from emotional repression (and Dr. Mate, by the way does not write about Dr. Sarno or TMS - he developed his theories separately) then it clearly follows that reducing your emotional stress - ie, your emotional repression - can make acne breakouts better.

    Dr. Gabor also makes an excellent case (and one which is well-accepted in this community) that emotional stress also causes inflammatory response and a weakened immune system. It's all connected, people.

    If you're not yet doing the emotional work (two free resources are offered right here on this forum/wiki) it's time to start! After you've read at least one book by Dr. Sarno, of course.
  4. LAILA_B

    LAILA_B Newcomer

    Hello! I struggled with acne half of my life. I decided to take accutane at 30 and that was the worst mistake of my life. Accutane left me with very deep wrinkle in my face and after few months, the acne came back.

    i turned toward functional médecine. And I discovered that my acne was due to an allergy to eggs, lactose and gluten. Now that I stop eating those food and that I’m taking good care of my gut flora, my acne is completely gone and my skin is super clear.

    Acne as a lot to do with your gut flora. I would suggest you look towards all alergenic foods : tomatoes, peanuts, shrimps, lactose, gluten and eggs.

    What I did in my case was to cut all these from my diet for a month. Be careful with that, you might want to talk to a doctor before doing that. And then I reintegrated the food one by one and see if there was any rections to it. It can be bloating, diarhea, headaches and of course, acne.

    Good luck with your journey
    I hope I helped you


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