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Acid Reflux-Help!

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by blackle22, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    My lymph nodes are sore too. Anyone had that with reflux?
  2. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    I realized I was sick on top of the reflux. Fun stuff lol. Still patiently waiting for the reflux to go away. I've been doing my journal writings and meditation. I'm just impatient I guess.
  3. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    Still dealing with it...
  4. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    What do you do when you feel like your vacilating between the medical or psychological cause....I seem to be stuck here
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  5. MC Haley

    MC Haley Newcomer

    I'm an opera singer and in my 20's I had severe acid reflux which I was told was due to my diaphragm being so strong. Uh-huh. Anyway, the only thing I did and a lot of opera singers do is put a pillow under the mattress to prop up your bed just enough so that it's at a slight angle. My Acid Reflux went away. I didn't do a special diet for it nor did I see a Dr. since this is common in the opera world. I'm 125 pounds and always eat and ate very healthy so it's not a size issue which is often equated with opera singers. I eat really spicy foods all the time with no issue too. I almost used the pillow recently but I only had it one night so I didn't have to. Btw, I heard Dr. Sarno speak about the pillow technique in one of his books that I was listening to today. Hope that helps. There is a yoga app that has a 15 minute relaxation block that you could do before bed as well. Cheers.
  6. Ines

    Ines Well known member

    Hi blackle22, You have so much great advice here. I do feel that once you are closer to uncovering some of the unconscious issues causing your TMS your symptoms get worse. I think it's a sign you are on the right track. Have faith in the process and work through it. Try not to link it to structural issues or in your case spicy food. Do try natural remedies but only with the mindset that it's self care and have compassion for yourself and your body. Knowing that your relationship was not working and being brave enough to break it off for sure caused your symptoms to get worse. This, all while having stress at work/school. Sometimes your brain fights back and really tries to get your attention.
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  7. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    Thank you Ines and MC Haley. I am still working on the symptoms and trying to use Alan Gordon's advice on breaking the pain cycle and outcome independence. It is great stuff and I believe he is right on. I just find it hard to be patient.
  8. MWsunin12

    MWsunin12 Beloved Grand Eagle

    blackie, Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar? One tablespoon in a cup of room temp water? I'm thinking your PH balance is off. It's easy to have that get off track, but ACV has worked for many.

  9. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter


    I have tried ACV. It helps some but it hasn't eradicated my symptoms.
  10. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    You've had your symptoms for a while now, months, some people have had TMS symptoms for 15 or more years and been "cured" of them when they learned of their TMS source, SteveO for one. Most people never learn of TMS/psychosomatic origins of dis-ease and hang onto them for life. Dr. Sarno's contribution to psychosomatic medicine was that the discovered TMS pain to be a PROTECTOR, a psychological defense mechanism. If you're unable to get to the sources of what's causing your TMS symptoms from a sub-conscious emotional level, you may want to just thank your TMS for doing it's job of protecting you from the painful emotions your sub-c has decided to do for you. You may want to visit or consult by phone or skype with a TMS physician to confirm that your symptoms are TMS or need to be treated to relieve suffering.
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  11. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    I am going to be having some testing done in the near future to make sure my symptoms aren't purely physical. I don't know for me it's just hard to not fear the symptoms sometimes, especially related to acid damage. I just want to heal so bad.
  12. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    Isn't everyone kind of on their own path of healing though?
  13. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    Let me just say when I had ibs my symptoms took about 6 months to go away and I knew about tms
  14. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    I probably should have mentioned that I was harassed by a supervisor last semester in grad school who basically told me i was am awful clinician and couldn't do anything right. She made me feel awful about myself and I was anxious 24 7
  15. MWsunin12

    MWsunin12 Beloved Grand Eagle

    For me, my symptoms always present in the area of the body that is almost literal with my fear / anxiety. After reading your statement above, seems like it was a lot of crap to "swallow" from a superior that you couldn't speak up to.
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  16. blackle22

    blackle22 Peer Supporter

    I think that's exactly it Marcia.
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  17. Cap'n Spanky

    Cap'n Spanky Well known member

    blackle22 - I don't know that I have any great wisdom to share. But have recently had success with acid-reflux and getting off of Lansoprazole which is a Proton pump inhibitor (PPI). I was taking two pills a day. At one point I had really bad acid-reflux and I had been on the pills for years.

    For some reason, I never really accepted that my acid-reflux was TMS, even though I had already had such great success with back pain, tennis elbow, IBS, fatigue, and chronic bronchitis in the past. Then I recently read an article on how bad PPIs are for you and I decided to get off of them.

    Well now I know and believe that acid-reflux is, in-fact, TMS and I am doing fine. Hang in there! It's a process and these things take time!
  18. Shosh

    Shosh Peer Supporter

    Thanks all for this post. I can relate. I was on PPI's for gastritis and had a horrific, very long and painful experience getting off them. During my weaning process I developed acid reflux, which I've had now for almost a year. It manifests as heartburn after most meals, but also an almost constant irritated/burn/pressure/pain in my left chest area (above and around the left breast) that occasionally moves to my right chest. I can also feel my heart beating (my blood pressure is fine). I know my heart and breasts are healthy and fine. My TMS specialist doctor has assured me this is indeed TMS and to treat it as such. I'm using the wedge pillow, eating the right foods, etc., which I think I will need to abandon to truly treat this as TMS. I have to keep reminding myself this is TMS and not some catastrophic physical damage going on. I am a prime candidate for TMS by the way. In my recent past I've had burning mouth syndrome for over a year and before that a one sided migraine that lasted non stop for three months. I also have OCD and an eating disorder (both anxiety/TMS). Plus I've had in the past TMJ, dry eyes, a brief bout of back and toe pain, sciatica, eczema, twitching eyelids, twitching thumb, insomnia and random abdominal pains that I still get (tests showed nothing). I even think my prolonged and horrific acid rebound from getting off the PPI may have underpinnings of TMS. I'm an anxious, compulsive, insecure, over-analyzing perfectionist who wants everyone to like me, struggles with decisions and yearns for reassurance. So I guess I fit the profile and this heartburn/acid reflux is indeed TMS. And probably one reason much of my TMS symptoms manifest in GI disturbances is because food has always been very important to me (I'm not an athlete, so back/muscular pain would not scare me or bother me much). Reading stories of acid reflux success like those posted by Cap'n Spanky, Huckleberry and others here help me immensely in getting confidence in the TMS approach to treating this, so thank you. I'll move forward with my journaling, affirmations and meditation.
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  19. SebastianM

    SebastianM Peer Supporter

    @blackle22 I can relate to your situation. I have acid reflux/sour stomach since 3 years, sometimes better, sometimes not.

    Since I learned about TMS two months ago, I see a clear connection between my physical pain (shoulder, achilles tendon, muscles, acid reflux, headache...) and my thoughts and feelings.

    So, I decided to stop taking PPI. I took them in a dose between 20 to 80 mg a day. I reduced the dose to 1 pill (20mg) every 2nd day. It was okay. There are typical meals/drinks like coffee, alcohol and so on which I (have to) avoid but I think I will be able to eat/drink them in the future. Since 9 days I am completely without PPI. The first days were quite good and I had no changes or flare ups. But, since Monday my mind is out of control because I am afraid of two events in the next week. My sleep is bad, I am nervous and brooding and so on... And, who would have guessed, the acid reflux and some other symptoms are back.

    This is an evidence for the mindbody connection and I realzise that dealing with my psychological issues and current stressors is the only way to feel better. I weaken the painfocus by realizing this. Of couse, acid reflux is a very intensive pain and it takes much energy to stand it. Trust und confidence are the sources of energy.

    You told us that you also have current stressors. Are you journaling about them? In my case journaling, meditating, deep breathing and talking with my psychotherapist are the best ways to cure. Did you try meditation or something like this? The aim is not to eliminate the pain. The aim is to calm your mind, to relax and to enjoy the current moment without focussing the pain.

  20. Countrygirl

    Countrygirl Newcomer

    Late chiming in here but just saw your post. Was wondering if you ever got relief from the acid reflux?
    Thanks for sharing and hope your well!

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