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Day 1 25 doctors vs 1 book for chronic migraine

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by nancydrewcrackthiscase, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. July 2015 I was living in a Waikiki hotel with my boyfriend. We had been there a few weeks when I woke up with a headache that lasted 6 straight months. I ate Advil like candy and stayed in bed for 12 hours a day during my final undergrad semester. One day, I decided to try Pure Barre. I woke up and instantly left the house for 2 weeks. It was the first break in the pain I had experienced. The pain has changed since then. I have extreme shoulder and neck muscle tightness to the point where I can’t sleep with my eye mask anymore or wear certain clothes. I take earplugs with me wherever I go in case the restaurant or movie is too loud. I ordered a menthol nose plug for when I’m around someone with perfume. I ordered special glasses to help with the lights at work. After 25 doctors, tens of thousands of dollars, different pills and injections, and unlimited amount of hope coming out of a new consultation for yet another chiropractor who believes my forward head neck posture is the problem, I’m done. I was able to to go a whole month in June with no migraines. Pain yes but no meds. I know there is a chance.

    I’ve been using the curable app off and on since July this year. However, I never successfully got rid of a full-blown migraine until last week when I read the first part of Mindbody Prescription with the help of a curable emotional meditation and then a visualization. It was a breakthrough. However I stayed home from work today due to a very strong episode after exercising for the first time in two weeks (two weeks ago I bench pressed too heavy and strained my neck muscles. Headache for a whole week.) It was fear I guess. I “took it easy” so that I wouldn’t get a migraine then I did anyways. Dr. Sarno discusses this at the end of the book that fear around physical activity may take longer. He was truly speaking to me. Even though I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow, I will try to not expect anything and then stop going. At this moment, I still have pain from the latest attack but I’m hopeful there’s a future. Hopefully my perfectionistic ways and the need to know ALL the information right now won’t interfere with this program.

    Edit 30 minutes later: this came to me while in the shower. For years, even before the pain, I have always said that I have lots of pent up anger (even though I cry and complain and vent) and I feel sorry for the bastard who starts something and I have no choice but to take it out on them. I didn’t realize until now that I am the bastard and I’ve taken out the anger on myself. Wow.
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    Howdy...it's great that you've already seen some progress with your headaches. If you are ever in doubt about TMS, remember these little victories as they are evidence of the truth. Headaches were never my main issue, but one of my many "secondary" symptoms. For years, pain meds were the only way I could get rid of a headache. Since doing the program and learning about TMS, I can get them to stop usually within an hour, sometimes a few. Nothing but the power of thinking! Good luck!
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